5 Easy Ways to Customize Your CARTA

5 Easy Ways to Customize Your CARTA

When you buy a CARTA, you’re never just getting an e-rig. Every CARTA model comes with a full dab kit including a carb cap, tether, charging cable, wax atomizer, titanium & quartz inserts, dab tool and carrying case, allowing for a fully immersive experience right out of the box. But even though we give you a solid head start, we expect that it’s just the beginning of the journey for you; especially if you want your CARTA to be an extension of yourself. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to customize your e-rig with Focus V CARTA accessories from a variety of creative brands and artists keen to experiment with CARTA as their canvas. Here are some ideas of how you can give your CARTA a personal touch.

Photo and Custom CARTA attachment by @dglassart

Crown Your E-Rig with Custom CARTA Glass

One of the easiest (if not most affordable) ways to set your CARTA apart from the pack is with your very own custom piece of CARTA glass. The CARTA glass top is arguably the first detail anyone notices about an e-rig so the right glass top can make a first impression with some impact. We recently covered some of the artists pushing boundaries with custom CARTA glass tops that can bring a completely different look to your e-rig. But if you don’t have the money for one-of-a-kind CARTA glass, you can still find plenty of glass top options that are more affordable. For example, iDab crafted glass tops that will definitely get your e-rig some double takes. If you give your CARTA the royal treatment, the perfect crown is mandatory, so choose wisely! 

Wrap Your Makeover Up with a Vinyl Decal

When you stand all of our limited edition and laser edition CARTA models together, you get a full spectrum rainbow, but even this kaleidoscope of colors can seem limiting if you’re attempting some eye-popping bombastic one-of-a-kind aesthetics. Fortunately, the market has been flooded with wraps and decals designed specifically to fit the Focus V CARTA.If you want your CARTA to look like military aircraft, an 8-bit collection of pixels, a psychedelic paradise, or a stamp collection, there are vinyl wraps that have you (and, by default, your CARTA) covered. And that’s just what comes up in a quick search. It can take a steady hand to apply the vinyl wrap without trapping any air bubbles but a little patience can leave the decal looking like a second skin for your e-rig. A vinyl wrap can make the biggest cosmetic changes to a CARTA for the smallest investment, so if your ideas are more voluminous than your wallet, consider the decal option! 

Character and Control with Custom Carb Caps

Whether you’re trying to complete your heady glass makeover, want a subtle nod to style or just some improved functionality, an artisan carb cap could be just what you need. While every CARTA model includes its own specially fitted carb cap, artists have also tried their hands at creating unique carb caps for just that little bit of added aesthetic.That’s not to say these unofficial carb caps purely focus on fashion. Many offer designs that help with airflow control, easier mobility, or more comfortable handling. There are even some magnetic models that bring an extra degree of security.

Photo via @the_real_ashin_kushinCARTA Carb cap by @biao.t

Give Your CARTA Its Own Home

If you’re looking for Focus V CARTA accessories that help you keep things a bit more orderly, you may be interested in the numerous customized bases and docking stations on the market. On average, these won’t be quite as flashy as CARTA glass, decals or carb caps, but even the most basic models offer some stately style. In many cases, custom CARTA bases are more aimed at providing utility, such as a place to store your cotton swabs, dab tool and iso with a groove specially designed to hold your e-rig. Some even have built-in stations for charging. If you need some structure to your sesh, a custom CARTA base could help you to keep everything in ship shape. 

Old School with a Twist

Another affordable way to use Focus V CARTA accessories to breathe new life into your e-rig is to invest in the dry herb atomizer. Some people actually buy two separate devices, one for wax and one for dry herb, but CARTA efficiently handles both in a single device with performance comparable to a classic dab rig. The dry herb atomizer screws on as simply as the wax atomizer and, just like that, you’re ready to switch it up. It can be the perfect solution if you unexpectedly run dry on wax but have plenty of unpressed herb ready to go or if you’re just feeling more of an old school vibe. 

Why settle for the factory setting when there are enough Focus V CARTA accessories on the market to fit your e-rig to your personality like a bespoke suit? With a bit of research, you can find the right gear to transform your CARTA into a perfect extension of your unique personality. Whether you go big with a one-of-a-kind heady CARTA glass top, take it easier on your wallet with a psychedelic vinyl wrap, or focus on functionality with a dry herb atomizer, there are plenty of ways to shake up your current CARTA situation!