Benefits of E-Rigs

Benefits of E-Rigs

The arrival of the Focus V Carta dabbing e-rig may mean the time has come to ditch the torch. Why? With its similar size to standard dab rigs, affordable price, and lower heating temperatures, the Carta e-rig may well kill the torch dab-rig altogether.

Ditching the Torch

Dab rigs are a portable and less messy alternative to rolling a joint and are often seen as a healthier alternative to inhaling combusted marijuana.

Cannabinoids need to be heated to some degree to undergo the chemical change of carboxylation to have their psychoactive benefits. However, it isn't necessary to heat them to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to have that effect — many will be released from fresh herb or concentrates at a far lower temperature as vapors.

These vapors have very nice flavors, and there is ample evidence to show it's a healthier alternative to regular smoking. The American Headache Society published a report in 2018 summarizing existing medical research showing that in combination, cannabinoids and terpenes have a wide range of health benefits. This is why desktop vaporizers have taken off in a big way. The chief problem with these has been that they are extremely bulky and expensive. Could the Focus Carta e-rig be the answer to these issues?


The Carta e-rig is not the first portable e-rig to enter the market, but reviewers are increasingly showing it is the best. reported that it is the best entry-level e-rig and that it has far more features than its more expensive competitors. It also produces the flavor that the more expensive e-rigs produce.

The Carta is a similar size to a standard dabbing kit — at around 7 inches tall, it sits in one's hand comfortably and operates in much the same way as a dabber. Users can take it with them wherever they go, whether they're heading to a friend's house or taking a road trip.

It also produces vapor at a lower temperature. The lower temperatures allow the terpenes and flavonoids to stay intact, producing a much more flavorful experience — much like an expensive desktop vaporizer.

One of the ways Focus V managed to improve the portability was by adding Bluetooth that allows the user to fine-tune the controls on their smartphone. This gets rid of the need for a bulky control system on the dabber itself, reducing the overall size and weight of the machine.

No Need for a Torch

In the case of an e-nail, a torch isn't used to heat the nail to extremely high temperatures. Instead, users just let a battery-powered coil heat the concentrate or herb up to the point it vaporizes the cannabinoids. This is done at much lower temperatures so it doesn't combust the concentrate or bud.

We will discuss the health benefits of vaporization later, but suffice to say, the Focus V Carta won't require as much cooling before it hits a person's throat as a torch powered dab rig. That means the heat shouldn't cause so much coughing, for example.

Adding in the bonus of getting a flavor that normally only comes with a desktop vaporizer rig, and the results won't be disappointing at all.

More Discreet Usage

One of the distinct advantages of using an e-rig for consuming concentrates is that it only involves using a tiny amount of wax, shatter, or hash to give the same hit as a joint or bong of bud. Because that means carrying fewer components like the torch and dabbing kit, the Carta is a crazy level more discreet than a standard nail and torch. 

Putting a few milligrams of concentrate onto the bucket, the e-rig produces all the goodness of the cannabinoids with hardly any smell getting out. This means people who use it through the day can avoid being noticed as they do so — a huge difference to a joint, which leaves behind an acrid odor.

Overall, the Carta requires far fewer components — just the cleaning gear, bucket, and main unit — than a standard dab kit.

Health Benefits of Vaporizing

One of the reasons people use weed and concentrates are the health benefits, right? There's no need to recap the health benefits of the good stuff on the human body. By vaporizing with an e-nail like the Carta, it will be doing one's lungs and body a big favor.

The Carta only heats the concentrate or bud up to between 600 to 940 degrees Fahrenheit (experts advise only using the highest temperatures for cleaning). However, when using a propane torch to light the bud, it involves hitting considerably higher temperatures, burning the lungs and throat. Using a torch and nail in a traditional dabber, the nail is heated until it is very hot, and when the user puts the bud/concentrate on it, this effectively combusts it.

In 2008, a piece of research looking at the Volcano vaporizer did a gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer analysis of the vapor. These tests showed that it contained mostly cannabinoids with just trace amounts of three other compounds. By comparison, when the same marijuana mixture was combusted (like a joint or torch and nail), more than 111 other combusted materials were found in the smoke, many of which could be dangerous to a person's health. 

The e-nail is no supercool vaporizer, but rather a means of getting a quick hit using concentrates and getting more from a much smaller quantity. If you can get the right concentrate with the cannabinoids you need, then the portable e-nail will involve inhaling less.

Buy a Focus V Carta Today

The Carta is actually cheaper than some torch-dabber kits on the market today, making it a good choice for people who want to explore e-nailing without shelling out lots of cash. 

With the health benefits, portability, and discreet nature of the machine, users can't go wrong when using the Focus V Carta as an alternative to a traditional dabbing kit. See it on our website here.