Summer Comes Early with the Focus V CARTA Helios E-Rig

Summer Comes Early with the Focus V CARTA Helios E-Rig

It seems with every limited edition we release, CARTA goes further and further into the unknown. From the green rolling plains to outer space and even to Adam iLL’s living room, it seems that CARTA has been everywhere. But now your favorite e-rig is transcending time and space to breach the heavens themselves with a scorching limited edition that’s already looking like the statement of the summer. At midnight on Tuesday, April 27th, the sun rose early to herald the arrival of the Focus V Helios CARTA, a limited edition model fit for the gods. 

The Golden Orange Radiance of the Focus V CARTA Helios

So what sets the majestic CARTA Helios apart from the models that preceded it? The most instantly recognizable difference would be its orange base, though calling it “orange” doesn’t effectively describe the actual aesthetic. Rather, this is a metallic orange, somewhere between a sun-kissed citrusy color and a rich metallic gold, combining to evoke the fiery golden chariot of the Helios’s namesake. It’s complemented by orange CARTA glass recalling summer sunsets of scorched romantic moodiness just as much as sunrises following the kind of hot unforgettable nights that leave us feeling invincible and eternal. Rounded out by a fiery orange atomizer and matching bubble cap, you can really feel a sense of warmth emanating from this e-rig. 


The Legend Behind the Helios E-Rig

The inherent radiance of the CARTA Helios was clear even before it had a name. “The unique shimmering orange tones of the Helios gave me the feelings of a warm glowing sun ray,” explains VP of Retail Sales, Wayne Weissblatt, who also gave the latest addition to the CARTA family its righteous name. “I thought, ‘What better homage to the sun than the Greek god of the sun, Helios himself!’ Each day, Helios delivered the sun across the skies in his chariot, just as the Helios CARTA delivers dabs to its owner!” 

A Long Gap Between Limited Editions

With Focus V’s Laser Edition CARTA models launching at the end of 2020, it’s easy to forget that so much time has passed since the last limited edition CARTA hit the shelves. The last official limited edition model was actually the Adam iLL model released in August 2020, so a new limited CARTA has been a long time coming. Unlike previous limited models, the CARTA Helios made its debut in the brick-and-mortar Dab Nation shops in Los Angeles and Denver a few days prior to its official launch through the Focus V site. Early bird Dab Nation shoppers were among the first to hold the pure fire of the Helios in their hands.

The Summer’s E-Rig

The CARTA Helios may be a spring baby, but we see it reigning over the summer, dispensing the nectar of the gods like your own personal golden chalice as you visit beaches, campsites, hiking trails, hammocks… maybe even a pool party (vaccine willing). The sleek, burning metallic orange recounts sweltering summer afternoons when the sunshine lifted tanning lotion, sweat and nostalgia from our skin into the searing, intoxicating atmosphere. You can count on the Helios being at your side as you watch fireworks from your roof on the 4th of July, joining you for beach days and picnics in the shade, or even being your personal ray of sunshine as you stargaze late into the night. 

Since the Focus V CARTA Helios e-rig is strictly a limited edition, your opportunity to hold a tangible piece of summer is as fleeting as the season itself. But unlike the summer, once the Helios is gone, it won’t return. This legendary CARTA has already set itself apart from previous models with its godly golden orange, the warmest limited edition color yet. It’s perfect summer style radiates warmth all year long. But catch the rays while you can, because when this sun sets, it won’t rise again!