IDAB CARTA Attachment-Worked stem and neck Ripple Turquoise

IDAB CARTA Attachment-Worked stem and neck Ripple Turquoise

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CARTA Convenience with iDab Aesthetic

Designed specifically for use with the portable CARTA 2 or OG CARTA E-Rig, this glass attachment from iDab looks as smooth as it hits. iDab turned heads when they took the iconic Henny bottle design and fashioned it into their bottle rig. Now, you can enjoy that some visual flavor with the portable convenience and potent delivery of your CARTA E-Rig. Adorned with sacred geometry characteristic of iDab glass with some added colorful ornamentation, the iDab CARTA E-Rig Worked Attachment invites you to inhale the good vibes.

**Design May Vary**

  • Designed for use with CARTA 2 or OG CARTA E-Rig
  • Worked Stem and Perc
  • Iconic Henny bottle rig design
  • Built-in perc for smooth draws
  • Limited worked design


Hesitant to try the Carta out because I thought flavor would suffer too much, but needed something portable. Could not have been more impressed! Terps were still coming through with clarity. Glad I made the investment!

Bryant Tomlinson
Los Angeles, CA

Couldn't figure the atomizer but Don got me straightened out with a video call. Never been somewhere where you can set up a video appointment. Guess that's something good that came from covid LOL! After talking to Don I haven't had a problem.

Darrin Abernathy
Denver, CO

I love love LOVE my new Hitman glass top. I got the black-and-orange to match my orange Laser because I love Halloween. The look was the main thing for me but my hits are so smooth now and I can do bigger rips. Got here fast too! I’d say I’d buy again soon but I think I’m gonna be busy with this setup for a bit!

Linda Munoz
Sacramento, CA

Just got my dry herb atomizer last week and have been loving it! I had no idea you could put flower in a carta. Just “inherited” a ton of flower so I’m in heaven!

Paloma Lima
New York, NY

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