5 Things to Do in California with Your CARTA

5 Things to Do in California with Your CARTA

California offers intriguing features that attract travelers and tourists to “The Golden State” every year. Northern California mainly boasts forests and wildlife that bring beautiful views to the state. It is also home to the Bay area, with booming cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento. Southern California captures the city life and aesthetic beaches. Cities such as San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles are a melting pot, bringing people from various cultures and backgrounds together as they set out to accomplish their dreams and aspirations.

The state of California offers plenty of adventure with endless locations worth visiting. Not to mention, it is one of the best destinations to get your hands on that loud pack! That being said, it’s time to see what all the hype is about, so pack up your portable dab rig and let us show you some new sesh spots at some of our favorite Cali locations.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park (San Diego, CA)

Located along the Point Loma shoreline in sunny San Diego, Sunset Cliffs is a great location to look out into the ocean and be at peace with your CARTA. These cliffs range over a mile long and cover about 68 acres of land. Here you will find secluded beaches, as well as a public beach at the beginning of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. There are also numerous caves that can be found within Sunset Cliffs, making it a perfect private location to get a few rips off your e-rig.

Hollywood Hills (Los Angeles, CA)

Ever wonder if you could use your CARTA near the Hollywood sign? Well, turns out you can! Once you drive past the homes located in the Hollywood Hills, you reach this scenery with an amazing view overlooking the city of Los Angeles. Small hiking trails allow you to get right above the Hollywood sign as well where you could sesh for as long as you’d like.

Hawk Hill (San Francisco, CA)

Hawk Hill, located in Marin Headlands, provides a unique experience with a spectacular view overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. You and your portable dab rig can watch hawks soar through the sky or witness a natural habitat filled with Mission Blue Butterflies. The hike to Hawk Hill provides a vast amount of wildlife experiences, so expect to stay elevated with what nature has to offer.

Shoreline Park (Santa Barbara, CA)

Santa Barbara boasts some beautiful beaches, so taking your e-rig to catch a glimpse is a must. Our favorite beach lookout is located in Shoreline Park, which sits along the coast of Santa Barbara. This 14.6 acre coastline has paths you can walk that offer city, mountain, and ocean viewpoints. There are picnic tables, benches, and BBQ pits spread throughout the park as well in case you were looking to whip up a nice meal after taking a few rips from your CARTA. Built-in binoculars are located near the railings as well for both whale and bird watching purposes.

Griffith Park Observatory (Los Angeles, CA)

If you’re a sucker for stargazing and enjoy views of the nightlife, Griffith Park Observatory is where you need to be. The Observatory sits at the top of a hill overlooking Downtown LA and offers an astronomical experience inside the building, literally. Feeling dazed while learning about space will have you thinking you’re in another universe. Right outside the building you will find a viewpoint that displays a decorative portrait of the city. We recommend moving your sesh towards the evening to get the best experience of the city lights that shine throughout Los Angeles.


Besides witnessing some amazing views of mother nature, California is a great place to visit. It offers some of the best places to eat, numerous tourist attractions, and the finest buds money can buy. Don’t just take our word for it, come on down to and see for yourself!