Tips For Cleaning Your CARTA

Tips For Cleaning Your CARTA

With CARTA taking over the e-rig market there is one question on every CARTA owner's mind;

How do I keep my CARTA clean to get the most out of it? Well I am here to share my secret tips on how I kept my Magna CARTA and atomizers running smoothly for over a year!

DO NOT Take Big Dabs!

This is the biggest mistake most new e-rig users make. Overdoing it with the dab size can cause spill over into the heating plate and into the connections. Spill over onto the heating plate potentially causes build up and even worse, thermal shock. Which will burn it out.

Take Long and Soft Rips!

Hitting your CARTA hard, like ripping a bong or a pipe, is the second most common reason for spill over. Like stated in the previous tip, spill over can cause buildup and thermal shock. Both of which can burn out your atomizer. On top of that a hard draw can pull the spill over into the connection area. Blocking out airflow potentially causing misread errors or more severe damage.

Swabs are Your Cartas Best Friend!

High end cotton swabs, like the Focus V Cleaning Swabs should be an essential item to keep with your Carta. Consider them best friends, they should always be together. Swabbing out your quartz inserts or titanium inserts after each session is one of the best ways to ensure their and your atomizers longevity. Swabs easily fit into the tighter spots in the atomizer and down into the connection on the base. You will want to keep these areas free and clean of any residual material. Soaking your swabs in iso will help a lot but it is essential that you dry the area with the dry end of the swab before using the rig.

Keep Iso Wipes With You!

Good iso wipes are important items to keep with you Carta at all times. Iso wipes are perfect for cleaning all the threadings on the atomizer and the base. The more you use your CARTA you will notice these areas will gradually build up with residuals from your sessions. This can cause them to get stuck onto your rig and trying to forcefully unscrew or screw in these pieces can cause damage to the threading on the device. Not to mention they can get stuck which is frustrating. They are also perfect for cleaning the ceramic lid or any silicone part of the device.

Keep to a Maintenance or Cleaning Routine

This tip may seem pointless to most but keeping to a maintenance or a cleaning routine with your CARTA is the best way to ensure you ensure the longevity of your CARTA. This routine should include regularly soaking inserts, the atomizer lids, and bubbler in iso to clear all gunk and build up. If you keep to a routine of cleaning and following all the aforementioned tips you will be ripping your CARTA for quite some time to come.