Focus V CARTA Titanium Inserts

Focus V CARTA Titanium Inserts

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Cleaner Cold Start Dabbing

Designed specifically for use with the Focus V CARTA E-Rig, thisĀ Titanium Insert perfects cold start dabbing while providing a reliable fit. TheĀ titanium insert makes cleaning easier since you can simply remove the insert. Crafted from high quality titanium, itā€™s an insert that really holds heat.Ā 

  • Rugged titanium material
  • Keeps your CARTA cleaner
  • Includes 2 rugged titanium buckets


Hesitant to try the Carta out because I thought flavor would suffer too much, but needed something portable. Could not have been more impressed! Terps were still coming through with clarity. Glad I made the investment!

Bryant Tomlinson
Los Angeles, CA

Couldn't figure the atomizer but Don got me straightened out with a video call. Never been somewhere where you can set up a video appointment. Guess that's something good that came from covid LOL! After talking to Don I haven't had a problem.

Darrin Abernathy
Denver, CO

I love love LOVE my new Hitman glass top. I got the black-and-orange to match my orange Laser because I love Halloween. The look was the main thing for me but my hits are so smooth now and I can do bigger rips. Got here fast too! Iā€™d say Iā€™d buy again soon but I think Iā€™m gonna be busy with this setup for a bit!

Linda Munoz
Sacramento, CA

Just got my dry herb atomizer last week and have been loving it! I had no idea you could put flower in a carta. Just ā€œinheritedā€ a ton of flower so Iā€™m in heaven!

Paloma Lima
New York, NY

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