4 Easy Steps to Connect Your Carta Smart Rig to Its App

4 Easy Steps to Connect Your Carta Smart Rig to Its App

The Carta Electric Dab Rig has been called revolutionary for its battery-powered solution to true portability and its comprehensive app that allows you to truly tailor your sesh to fit your preferences. For the full Carta experience, the app is key. Featuring temperature settings, a dab counter and remote control, the app is highly recommended to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience. So, once you’ve downloaded the Carta app to your phone, how do you connect your vape rig? It’s a simple process, but we’re breaking it down for you in the 4 easy steps below.

Make Sure Your Portable Dab Rig is Powered On

To activate your vape rig, simply press the power button 5 times. Your Carta Vape Rig must be activated when connecting to the app.

Open the App on Your Phone

If this is your first time opening the Carta app, you’ll be prompted to create a username and password. Follow the prompts to successfully login to the app.

Click “Connect” Prompt

A prompt will automatically pop up with a “Connect” button clearly highlighted. Click on the “Connect” button. This will ensure that your electric dab rig will be connected to the app. 

Choose Your Device

You’ll be presented with a dropdown menu which requires you to choose your device from a list of Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity of your phone. Choose your device from the dropdown menu. If you don’t see your device, make sure that your smart rig’s Bluetooth is enabled. You can also re-name your device to make selection from the dropdown easier if you have several Bluetooth-enabled devices in your home. Once you’ve selected the correct device from the dropdown menu, tap the “Confirm” button.

It’s really that simple! Here are some of the benefits you can immediately enjoy upon accessing the Carta app with a connected smart rig.

Temperature Settings

Without the app, you can adjust your Carta’s temperature using built-in presets. But with the app, you can adjust temperature to precisely the temperature you want, adjusting by a single degree. It doesn’t get more precise than that. You can even program an initial preset temperature or set a timer to control the duration of your dab hits.

Remote Control

The Carta only takes about 5 seconds to heat up, but it can still be handy to activate it from across the room using the app as a remote control. More importantly, the remote control offers the only way to turn off your Carta’s coil.

Dab Counter

Curious how many times you’ve dabbed with your Carta? There’s no need to wonder because the Dab Counter section of the app is tracking that for you. You can reset the Dab Counter any time that you want for tracking anything from daily to monthly dabs. 

While it’s possible to enjoy your Carta Electric Dab Rig on its own, the app opens up new vistas of vaping possibilities and offers you the precision you need for a truly customized dabbing sesh. The app takes your Carta to a higher level, whether you want to set a specific temperature within a single degree, set the duration of your dab time or just enjoy the convenience of remote control operation. Simply use the simple steps above and within minutes, you’ll be enjoying the app and your Carta E-rig in all its glory.