Fun Ways to Use the CARTA App

Fun Ways to Use the CARTA App

There are a lot of good things to say about the Focus V CARTA e-rig. Perhaps the thing that blows the competition out of the water is the Bluetooth-connected app that allows you to fine-tune the CARTA to almost ridiculous levels. It can be a lot of fun! In this article, we'll look at the ways you can work with both the e-rig itself and the wider CARTA community — all with the help of the CARTA app.

1. Test Out Different Temps and Times

     One of the main reasons people love this app is the ability to super fine-tune its temperatures and time. Temps start at 320°F, and you can get the heat right up to a smoking 900°! There are 32 temperatures between 320° and 900°, so you can get the temps down to intervals of around 8°. If you want to get the best possible taste, you can play with the intervals to find your perfect flavor for rosin, shatter, or wax. As a tip, try somewhere between 500° to 600° as a first go on your concentrate. But just how perfect a hit can you get?

     Timing is important, too. The longer you're on this baby, the bigger hit you'll get!Though it can be fun lying on the couch whacked off your skull, sometimes you may want just a little boost to deal with your pain or relieve some anxiety. Using the app, you can get it down to five seconds for a quick blast or much longer if you're planning on watching TV for the next few hours. If you want to get silly, you can optimize the length and temp of a hit, though after a few goes on shatter, your mind might not exactly be that tuned in.

2. Track How Much You Use

     If you are a regular dabber, you may only know how much concentrate or bud you use by counting your visits to the dispensary to get some more. Not everyone will just use one method to consume their favorite way of chilling out — you may enjoy space cakes or a relaxing joint as well as having fun with the CARTA. That's why the dab counter is useful — you can count the hits you're getting from the e-rig. If you're a bit geeky, you can work out things like the most efficient use of the battery with times/hits per charge, but some just get competitive.

3. Get First Place on the Leaderboard

     Did you know that CARTA app users have an international leaderboard of dabbers?You can upload your dab counter numbers, and if you really love the CARTA, you could even become a world champion dabber. Your mom never thought you'd become an international competitor, though it might not be such a good idea to phone her up after a few dabs to tell her you're climbing the leaderboard.

4. See Who Smokes the Most

 You can also compete among your fellow CARTA-app-using friends, perhaps while in practice to become world class dabbers! The app allows you to monitor each other both for fun and as a means of staying in contact with how much everyone is using.

Have Some Fun With the CARTA App Today

     The Focus V CARTA app is one of those things that makes the CARTA e-rig the best portable electronic dabber on the market today. Whether you want the perfect clouds from your favored concentrate or because you've always wanted to become a world champion at something one day, you can play with these parameters to super-tweak your CARTA to perfection.