What Makes a Smart Rig So Smart?

What Makes a Smart Rig So Smart?

The Reason Why We Call the Focus V CARTA a Smart Rig

The Focus V CARTA is a rig of many names and titles but perhaps you’ve heard it referred to as a “smart rig.” These days, it seems the word “smart” is liberally attached to pretty much any electronic device and we accept it without a second thought. But when people refer to a device as “smart”, what exactly do they mean? And how can a dab rig, a glass tool that typically has no electronic elements to it, suddenly be considered “smart”? 

What Makes a Device “Smart”?

While many companies use a great deal of artistic liberty when dubbing their product “smart”, the term actually has a concrete meaning. The term “smart” refers to a product’s ability to interact with its user and other products in its surrounding environment, typically through wireless connection. While the term “smart” to reference this kind of interactive connectivity was popularized in recent years with the rise of the smartphone, the term “smart phone” was actually used as early as 1995 with the specified singular term “smartphone” following a couple years later. But these weren’t quite smartphones as we know them today. These days, when we think of a smartphone, we basically think of a pocket-sized computer that gives us all the conveniences of the internet from virtually anywhere. But the smartphone is just the most notable example of smart devices. Today, it seems like you can find a “smart” version of every product you can imagine.Want a smart water bottle that tracks, records and finetunes your drinking habits?  How about fighting that post-holiday weight gain with a smart belt? It sounds like we’re making this up, but these are real products! 

The Importance of Connectivity

When WiFi first became popular, companies still needed to catch up to all that was possible with the latest in connective technology. But once strong WiFi was established in the majority of homes across the U.S. the smart boom had enough dynamite behind it to really cause quite the explosion… and one that we’re still feeling. Bluetooth connectivity is often at the heart of the average smart device with products often communicating through a home’s central WiFi connection in a synchronized dance with a focus on making the user’s life easier. It’s a complex route to simplification, but if choreographed just right, it can artfully streamline a person’s routine. 

Understanding the Smart Rig

Even with a basic understanding of what defines a “smart” product, you may be wondering how a dab rig can be considered a smart rig. Your average dab rig is a construct of glass without electrical components, whereas a smart rig is a specific class of e-rig (short for electronic rig). There are a few different ways that a smart rig can utilize Bluetooth capabilities to make your dabbing ritual more efficient but we’ll be focusing specifically on the CARTA today because it’s the one we know the best. Using your iPhone or Android device, you can download the CARTA app which then allows you remote control of your smart rig. The app allows you a variety of conveniences ranging from setting your atomizer type (wax or dry herb) to dialing in your preferred heat setting to a single degree. You can even use it to keep track of your dab count! The CARTA is a dab rig that uses its Bluetooth capabilities to interact with your smartphone for purposes that make your dabbing ritual more convenient and efficient. Sounds like a smart rig to us! 

While a lot of products get dubbed “smart” without actually fitting the definition, the smart rig is definitely worthy of the title… at least as far as the Focus V CARTA is concerned. To see for yourself, you need only look at standard glass dab rigs which are great in their own ways but definitely can’t touch the convenience and connectivity offered by a smart rig. And with our engineers working on new ideas, the smart rig is only getting smarter. Everyone already knows that “CARTA hits harda”... but the future seems to be moving toward “CARTA hits smarta.” We’ll see ourselves out.