5 420 Friendly Things To See And Do In New Jersey

5 420 Friendly Things To See And Do In New Jersey

New Jersey has just voted to legalize marijuana use starting January 1, 2021, arguably making the state cooler than nearby New York! Whether you're a resident in the Big Apple or on holiday wanting to chill out, you will find lots to do in New Jersey. Here are five of the best laid back things we think you should try.

1. Hang Out in Cape May

Cape May is an old beach resort with a certain laid back style that will put a smile on almost everyone’s face! From the beautiful old buildings you can wander past to the pleasure piers on the beach, Cape May is one of those places where you can have good old fashioned fun. We suggest having a dab on your CARTA e-rig at sunset on the beach.

2. Whale Watching off Cape May

The Delaware River is a very popular feeding ground for a wide range of whale species, who love to munch on the plankton that emerge from the nutrient-rich river’s mouth. As such, whale watching is a must-do if you visit New Jersey almost any time of the year.

(credit: tripadvisor.com)

You will almost certainly see a range of dolphin species, but on a good day, you could well see the second biggest whales on the planet — the 80-ton fin whales that will make your boat feel very small indeed. Humpbacks with their graceful dives and play are another common whale found in the area. Bring your camera!

3. Catch the Vibes from the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Atlantic City is almost as fun as Las Vegas with its glitzy casinos and nightspots. Most of these are along or near the four-mile Atlantic City Boardwalk. Originally built in 1870, the boardwalk offers a range of fun things to do. You can enjoy gambling, partying, and playing games on the Steel Pier. Don't forget about the Entrance to the Stars, where celebrities like Frank Sinatra have left their handprints for posterity.

Spend the day and night wandering around and tasting the pleasures to be found —perhaps with your CARTA dabber in your backpack.

4. Take in Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

The Delaware and Raritan State Park has over 70 miles of mixed-use paths where you can be at one with nature, exploring the rare beauty of this stunning state park. This is one of those places you can enjoy in all seasons, from the golds and reds of fall to the deep greens of the summer months to the icy embrace of winter. It's definitely a place where you can go to get away from it all, especially if you want to get away from the frenetic pace of the Big Apple.

5. A Bit of History?

History buffs are spoiled for choice. For those who want to see one of the U.S. Navy’s most famous battleships, pay a visit to the USS New Jersey that used to fire Volkswagen-Bug-sized shells at the enemy with huge 12-inch guns.

(credit: battleshipnewjersey.org)

Did you know that George Washington’s first major victory against the British was in the Battle of Princeton? You can pay a visit to the Princeton Battlefield State Park to take in this important moment of U.S. history. You may even want to try dabbing under the old oak that is said to have been around in 1777.

Don’t Forget Your CARTA Portable Dabber!

Whatever you get up to in NJ after it legalizes, don’t forget your Focus V CARTA electronic dabber. It lets you control your flavor profile for a hit that's all your own. While smoking marijuana in New Jersey will soon be legal, your CARTA will help you be more discreet on your travels, especially when it comes to smell. Take it wherever you go so you can rest a while and enjoy your favorite concentrates.