Familiarize Yourself with the Latest Changes to Our CARTA User Manual

Familiarize Yourself with the Latest Changes to Our CARTA User Manual

At Focus V HQ, we’d like to think we’re always improving anything that has room for improvement. In that spirit, we’ve recently made some pretty big changes to the user manual included with the purchase of any CARTA portable dab rig kit. We’ve had time to get to know the most common questions and concerns posed by those new to the CARTA so we know exactly the information you need to hit the ground running. While originally, your CARTA included a basic instruction guide, we’ve expanded this information so much that now your CARTA will include 3 documents: 

  • Our new comprehensive Focus V CARTA user manual
  • Our short-and-sweet quickstart guide
  • Our clarified warranty and support information

We believe that the expansion of our included user information will help you waste no time getting to know your CARTA, no matter your previous expertise with the world’s most portable e-rig. 

A Strong Start to Your CARTA Experience

After spending some time talking with customers, we decided to add some of the most common yet helpful tips and tricks into the manual itself. Aimed at starting you off on the right foot with your new portable dab rig, the 2 pages of tips we added to our user manual cover such wide ranging topics as best practices for loading concentrates into the atomizer, suggested cleaning and maintenance to keep your e-rig operating at the height of its performance, and even a general guide for the people out there who may be completely new to using an e-rig. We even break down the most successful way to hit your e-rig… and just when we were on the verge of recording an automated “sip-it-don’t-rip-it” message! 

Taking the Guesswork Out of the Warranty

The original Focus V CARTA user manual only included a few lines about our warranty but we quickly realized it deserved some elaboration. The new user manual now goes in-depth with the conditions of the warranty that protects your CARTA, most likely answering any questions you have and saving you a phone call or an e-mail. But, on the rare occasion that you do need to contact us with questions on your warranty, we’ve also added a handy QC code to save you time by bringing you directly to our customer support page where you can browse through comprehensive troubleshooting guides, how-to videos, or even file a claim. Our updated support manual also clearly provides the easiest way to get in touch with our support call center who are always happy to help you with any CARTA-centric questions or concerns. 

Overcharge Prevention

Possibly some of the most important updates to our user manual fall in our “Battery Information” section which has been expanded to a comprehensive 4 pages! We were receiving a lot of calls in which users were unintentionally overcharging their batteries which can negatively impact the battery’s lifespan. To make sure that everyone was getting a premium experience, we decided to break it down as much as possible, with plenty of comprehensive tips to make sure your batteries are getting the right treatment so they can treat you well in return. Improper handling and use of your batteries can be a safety hazard which we covered in our recent blog about 18350 batteries, but this expanded section of the user manual gives you all of the tips and guidance in one handy spot. 

We’ve put some work into perfecting these updates, leaving us about as excited as it’s possible to get over a user manual. While print copies will be included with new Focus V CARTA portable dab rig kits, you can peruse digital copies through the guides section of our site. And, as always, if we somehow missed your question with our new guides, you can always reach our customer service team from 9am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday, and they will be happy to help. You can even schedule an appointment for your convenience!