Focus V’s Guide to the Season’s Hottest 710 Products

Focus V’s Guide to the Season’s Hottest 710 Products

It’s that time of year again… our absolute favorite holiday: 710! It may not have the visceral aesthetic of Halloween or the pageantry of Christmas, but it’s our holiday. And who says we can’t celebrate it with the spirit of giving? If you’re looking for a little something special for that sesh buddy in your life, look no further. Focus V has you covered with our very own 710 Gift Guide! So, hum yourself a seasonal 710 carol and let’s dive in! 

A God Among E-Rigs: The Focus V CARTA Helios

Since holiday literally means “holy day”, it would make sense that we start our list with the only Focus V CARTA model named after a god. The Focus V Helios CARTA is our latest limited edition model, giving you everything you love about the most portable e-rig on the planet along with a heavenly golden orange veneer with a matching summery sunset orange glass top and bubble cap. The Helios CARTA is undoubtedly the most resplendent and regal of our limited edition models to date and would make the most cherished gift on this list easily. So, if you’re in a giving mood (for your friend or yourself), don’t let the sun set on this limited edition model. When the Helios CARTA is gone, it’s gone! 

High ‘n’ Dry: Dry Herb Atomizers

Did you know that your CARTA can accommodate dry herb as well as concentrates? All you need to enjoy the best of both worlds is our simple, affordable Dry Herb Atomizer. There’s no complex installation and no additional tools needed. Rather, it simply screws onto your CARTA base like your Everlast atomizer. While 710 is all about that oil, it’s not a bad idea to have a dry herb atomizer waiting in the wings if your wax supply runs dry and you’re not in the right headspace to be firing up the ol’ rosin press.  

Bubble on the Double: Focus V Bubble Caps

The design of the CARTA e-rig is not accommodating to every type of carb cap but you can still harness airflow control with plenty of sophisticated style with Focus V’s Black Bubble Caps. Featuring the easy mobility, heat distribution and tight control afforded by the bubble cap design, these carb caps are specially designed for a perfect fit with CARTA. And since they’re a solid, stark black in color, you can count on them complementing any CARTA model including our entire line of limited editions, our vibrant Laser editions and even the classic model. 

The Right Swab for the Job: Focus V Cleaning Swabs

If you treat your CARTA right, it treats you right. That’s why we recommend always having a pack of dab swabs on hand… and what better option than Focus V Cleaning Swabs? Available in standard and travel packs, Focus V dab swabs are perfect for swabbing down atomizers and ensuring your base connections don’t get gummed up. Each cotton swab offers a blunt end and a pointy end mounted on a bendable but resilient stick so you can get into those hard-to-reach corners and crevices without breaking a stick… or a sweat for that matter. 

It’s a Mood: Focus V Branded moodmats

The mood is always right for moodmats, especially if you’re into preserving your countertops. But moodmats hit different when they’re emblazoned with that smart-and-snappy Focus V official logo. Whether you’re going with the round or the rectangular option, you can expect a visually provocative platform for your CARTA using eco-friendly recycled rubber to shield your furniture from stubborn globs of wax gone astray. Now your furniture will stay as fresh as your sesh!

Of course, everything on our site would fit into the 710 holiday easily, but these products are the ones that have enough flash to make thoughtful holiday gifts for your concentrate-coveting comrades. Does 710 have the same kind of steam as the 420 holiday? Not yet, but then again, it didn’t even really exist a few years ago. With concentrates only gaining in popularity, we may actually see 710 eclipse 420 in popularity in the not-so-distant future. But we love them both and will take any reason to kick back with our favorite gear and celebrate in style.