Proper 18350 Battery Maintenance for Your CARTA Electric Dab Rig

Proper 18350 Battery Maintenance for Your CARTA Electric Dab Rig

One of the features that really sets the Focus V CARTA electric dab rig apart from its peers is its 18350 battery-powered portability. But with great power comes great responsibility. Okay, maybe the responsibility isn’t great, but proper battery maintenance is a vital part of keeping your portable dab rig operating at its optimum potential. Even outside the realm of Focus V, taking proper care of your batteries is serious business since failing to do so can result in risks to personal health and safety, not to mention potential damage to nearby hardware and the surrounding environment. Want to make sure you’re on the up and up with proper 18350 battery care? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep those batteries performing at their best. 

About the 18350 Battery Pair Included with Your Kit

The batteries included with your electric dab rig aren’t just any old batteries… these are high quality rechargeable 3.7V 1200mAh 18350 batteries. If you don’t know what that big string of numbers and letters means, it basically translates to “these batteries are really good.” And they’re easy to charge too thanks to the included USB-C charging cable that can be paired with any quality 5V 1A USB port to get your depleted 18350 batteries back in ship shape. We strongly stand by Focus V-approved 18350 batteries and our included charging equipment but often receive questions about using other charging cables, other 18350 batteries, etc. We recommend using only the Focus V-approved equipment.

Tips For Charging Your Batteries

We’re assuming that your CARTA portable dab rig is not your first experience with batteries, so you’ve seen how they can degrade over time. But there are a few simple things you can do to stretch the longevity of your batteries… and you can begin the moment you get your CARTA out of the box. Start by charging your electric dab rig a minimum of 2 hours to guarantee it is charged to its fullest. When you power on the e-rig, you’ll be greeted by the LEDs informing you of the level of your charge. 

We discourage customers from using super charger or fast charger ports because they run the risk of overcharging (and thus damaging) the device. So, what can you use? Your best option is a standard external battery charger designed for use with lithium batteries. 

It’s important to keep your batteries charged and properly stored when not in use (and we’ll get into proper storage of 18350 batteries later in this blog). Also, storing your batteries below a 50% charge can sap their longevity, so always make sure your batteries are charged up before any extended periods without use. But it’s also a bad idea to exceed the maximum continuous charge of your batteries. Some charging ports will clue you into the charging status of your batteries which is the ideal situation. Otherwise, you may need to do a bit of estimation. 

The preferred atmospheric temperature for charging 18350 batteries is within the rather generous range of 50°F (10°C) to 113°F (45°C). Also, it’s a good idea to always be present when your batteries are charging. The chances of any mishaps are minimal, but if you’re present, you can stop any situations from getting out of control. If you notice that your batteries are unusually hot, cease charging and allow them to cool for a bit before trying again. While all of this may seem ominous, each Focus V battery is thoroughly tested and quality checked for maximum efficiency and safety. 

Since charging can take some time, we recommend keeping at least one extra pair of 18350 batteries( on hand so the good times can keep on rolling right through those charging doldrums. 

How to Best Store Your Batteries

Proper storage of your 18350 batteries can also go a long way toward a premium portable experience. As a general rule, your batteries should always be stored in a cool, dry place in a non-conductive storage case (the one that we include with the purchase of your portable dab rig kit is a perfect example). We recommend always keeping a pair of batteries together. Mixing pairs can result in an uneven charge which will put unnecessary, potentially damaging stress on your electric dab rig. Keep your batteries out of the path of direct sunlight and exposure to any extreme temperatures or weather conditions. So, basically, you’re just using common sense. 

It’s a lesser known though gravely important piece of knowledge that touching your battery to loose change, other loose batteries or any metal surface could result in a short-circuit. For this reason, we recommend refraining from dropping loose batteries into your pocket. 

If you really do a deep dive on safety precautions for 18350 batteries, you’ll find a pretty massive list (our latest edition of the Focus V CARTA instruction manual includes close to 30 of them!) But you can eliminate most of any potential grief by paying close attention to everything that we’ve covered in our blog. Sure, you can still enjoy the CARTA electric dab rig without a battery backup, but the batteries contribute immensely to the freedom that makes CARTA the most portable dab rig on the planet (and off as far as we know). Treat your batteries well and they’ll return the favor!