The History of Focus V’s Limited Edition CARTA Models

The History of Focus V’s Limited Edition CARTA Models

One of the most exciting aspects of working at Focus V HQ has to be the occasional limited edition CARTA models that we drop. So much love and passion gets poured into the limited edition models, from the moment when a new limited edition is simply a concept, to the point of receiving the first beautiful mockups from our design team, all the way to that point when we hold solid in our hands what once was simply a dream. We wish everyone the unique pleasure of enjoying a dream made solid. There’s nothing quite like it. Today, we’re going to walk down Memory Lane, exploring a comprehensive roster of our limited edition portable dab rig models.  

Name: Focus V Magna Black CARTA
Released: Summer 2019

With the full color spectrum of limited editions that we’ve pumped out since 2019, it seems somehow appropriate that we kicked things off with opposite extremes in color. Our introductory twin limited edition models heralded the concept of CARTA electric rigs in different shades. The Focus V Magna CARTA presented an absolutely murdered out CARTA base, black-on-black culminating in a crown of black tinted glass. It even featured a matching black carb cap and gun metal atomizer, making this a portable electric dab rig that was guaranteed to go with anything you could possibly wear and netting the approval of even the strictest goths. When looking at the Magna CARTA, it’s hard not to hear the voice of Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel declaring his infamous quote, “There’s something about this that’s so black, it’s like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none… none more black.” 

Name: Focus V Holy White CARTA
Released: Summer 2019

Simultaneously, we unveiled the yin to the Magna Black’s yang… the pristine Holy White CARTA. This pure white limited e-rig model seems to be a bit tougher to find in resale markets than the Magna Black, despite being produced in an equally limited number of 1,000 units. Perhaps this is owed to its less dramatically distinctive look. Whereas the Magna Black CARTA featured an instantly recognizable shadowy glass top, the Holy White CARTA included a standard glass top and clear carb cap. Still, the Holy White CARTA offers up the Holy Grail for some collectors as this subtly different take on the classic CARTA electric portable dab rig is easily the most mysterious of the retired limited edition models.  

Name: Focus V Crimson CARTA
Released: Autumn 2019

Real color didn’t start making a splash until several months later with the release of the hotly anticipated 3rd limited edition model to join the family: the Focus V Crimson CARTA. The Crimson CARTA was more than a Magna Black or Holy White in red. It became a footnote in the progressive evolution of the Focus V CARTA e-rig, being the first limited edition to boast the Everlast atomizer… a marked improvement on the longevity of atomizers used in earlier models of CARTA electric rigs. But the Crimson CARTA also featured plenty of red hot style including a matching carb cap, atomizer and sanguine glass top giving the e-rig an overall rose red beauty that’s kept it a favorite among the early retired models and an important link in the evolution of CARTA. 

Name: Focus V Emerald CARTA
Released: Winter 2019 - 2020

It’s poetically fitting that, much like that classic scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy transcends into a world of color culminating in the Emerald City, CARTA transcended into its modern higher standard with the introduction of the limited edition Focus V Emerald CARTA. While it’s easy to get caught up in the cosmetic changes of the limited edition models, the Emerald CARTA also had a lot going on under the hood. Internal wiring was vastly improved by changing the coating from teflon to ceramic. The atomizer was also outfitted with a ceramic lid, taking advantage of the material’s unique heat retention properties. All CARTA models would similarly use ceramic in their designs moving forward. Featuring a bountiful verdant veneer with matching atomizer and lush green glass top, the Emerald CARTA made a bold impression that elevated expectations for any future limited edition models. 

Name: Focus V Nebula CARTA
Released: Spring 2020

With the Emerald CARTA opening up a new world of possibilities for limited edition models, the next collector’s CARTA aimed for the stars. The Focus V Nebula CARTA came in a cosmic shade of purple, flush with a pioneering passion that crashed through the boundaries of final frontiers. Again, a matching atomizer and astronomically awesome purple glass top were part of the limited edition dab kit. Even its name drew parallels to the unrestricted feeling of the most portable electric dab rig on the planet, driving home the theme that no matter where you want to go, CARTA’s already been there. 


Name: Focus V Adam iLL CARTA
Released: Summer 2020

With our next limited edition, we went in a completely different direction than we had with any previous model, working closely with a community icon to customize a CARTA to fit his flavor. The result was the Focus V Adam iLL CARTA; an e-rig fit for the Highest Host himself. Whereas previous CARTA limited edition designs relied on bold, solid colors, the Adam iLL edition was distinguished by an intricate leaf pattern against an amber gold background, accenting an otherwise white CARTA base. It also featured a feigned gold Cuban link carb cap tether, matching bubble cap and a clear glass top with amber perc, all authorized by your favorite kosher stoner. 

Name: Focus V Helios CARTA
Released: Spring 2021

Anyone who missed out on the Adam iLL CARTA had a long wait until the next limited edition model was announced. Obviously, this had a lot to do with the ripple effect of a global pandemic. But the pandemic didn’t actually slow our product development team down at all. They were hard at work developing an entire new permanent line of Focus V CARTA editions with built-in LED lights, frosted glass tops and an array of day-glo colors. At the end of 2020, Focus V was proud to present the Focus V CARTA Laser Edition; an updated design that would be just as readily available as the classic CARTA. It wasn’t until several months later (and closing in on a full year since the Adam iLL CARTA) that we began to tease a limited edition model that went beyond the earthly plain, beyond the stars and deep into the burning heart of the heavens. The Focus V Helios CARTA took its name from the Greek god of the sun, promising fire to anyone bold enough to hold the majestic portable electric dab rig in their hands. The latest addition to the Focus V family of limited edition e-rigs features a blazing orange veneer with a matching bubble cap, atomizer and nostalgic twilight orange glass top that visually radiates a summery sense of warmth. If you’re looking for sunshine on a cloudy day, the Helios CARTA guarantees plenty of both. And one of the best things about the Helios CARTA? Unlike the other limited edition models on this list, it’s still available!

Where will the future of Focus V’s limited edition portable electric dab rig models lead? Obviously, we don’t want to give away too many secrets, but rest assured that the gears are spinning at the heart of Focus V HQ while our eyes are always looking beyond the horizon. We’re proud of our collection of limited edition models and the evolution of our design as tracked through their history. When we hold a limited edition model in our hands for the first time, we feel like world travelers taking a step into an unexplored region beyond the map (I guess you could call us CARTA-ographers… actually, maybe don’t).