1. How is Carta 2 different from the previous Carta?

-Larger atomizer build
-Digital Display with time and temperature control
-Custom presets programmable on unit
-Ergonomic design
-Quartz coated ceramic inserts

2. How long does the battery last? How long does it take to charge?*

-Our batteries are 2S lipo 10A 2000mah/ 14.8Wh. Battery life depends on usage and settings.

3. How do you start a session? How do I add time to a session? How do I cancel a session?

-2 clicks on the o (circle) button starts a session
-2 clicks after the session has been engaged adds 20 seconds to the timer
-1 click cancels the session

4. Where can I download the app?*



5. How do you adjust the sesh temp or duration?

-Use the + (plus) button to cycle times.
-The - (minus) button is used to cycle through temps

6. What temperatures do you recommend?

-380-450 for flavor
-450-550 for clouds

7. How do I change the lights? Can you turn them off?

-To adjust the LED presets click 3 times on the o (circle) button

8. How do I clean my Carta 2?

-Watch this video to learn how to clean CARTA 2 *link*

9. Does the wireless charger work with my other devices?

-Yes! Make sure to have wireless charging enabled on the device to allow charging

10. Does my glass attachment still fit on Carta 2?

-Yes it does, we made sure all tops that were compatible with the Original CARTA can be used with CARTA 2