Focus V CARTA Smart Rig F.A.Q.

F.A.Q.s for Troubleshooting Your CARTA Smart Rig

Confused by your CARTA Smart Rig? While it’s a fairly user-friendly portable dab rig, especially when compared to some of the other products on the market, it also introduces new technology that can leave rookie users baffled. Fear not, because we have all the answers to your hottest CARTA questions. We’ll start with the big one.

1) Why Won't My CARTA Smart Rig Turn On?

Whether you’re experiencing this problem right out of the box or you’ve puffed on your CARTA rig a few times and now you’re getting dead air, it’s most likely an issue related to the batteries. If you just got your CARTA, pop the battery compartment open and make sure to remove the caps from your batteries. These caps are put in place by our manufacturer to make sure the juice from those batteries isn’t accidentally depleted before CARTA gets to you. If the caps are off and you’re still experiencing issues, make sure to give the connection a good visual inspection for any dust, debris or signs of damage. You also need to charge your CARTA Smart Rig when you first get it; a process that takes about 2 hours if you’re using the charging device included with your CARTA. Your CARTA will be sure to let you know what it’s up to by vibrating softly and blinking its LED lights. When it first starts up, you’ll see the white LEDs blink. If your battery is low, the lights will blink red. Also, you can gauge your remaining battery power by the number of LEDs that are blinking (with 4 LEDs being maximum charge and 1 LED signifying 25% capacity).

2) Why Won't My CARTA Heat Up?

So, your CARTA turning on without a hitch but it’s just not heating up? Sounds like an atomizer problem. But don’t worry, CARTA is one of the best portable dabbing options for easily fixing atomizer issues. First, check those LEDs to make sure everything seems copacetic. When your CARTA is in the process of heating up, its LEDs blink blue. A solid green LED means it’s ready. If you’re still experiencing heating issues, make sure that the wire from your CARTA atomizer is properly in contact with the metallic part of your atomizer. This sometimes requires you to loosen up your atomizer a bit. We’ve found screwing your atomizer into place too tightly can result in connectivity issues (and, therefore, heating issues). If it’s not a connection problem, give your atomizer a visual inspection for dirt and debris that may be hindering its performance.

3) How Do I Properly Clean My CARTA? 

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your CARTA is integral. But how often should you be cleaning it? When it comes to cleaning any kind of dab rig, there’s no such thing as too often. We recommend you give your atomizer a good, thorough scrub every 10 – 30 dabs, depending on your frequency of use. This means removing the glass top and cleaning the intake hole or anywhere that’s even the slightest bit sticky. You’ll always want to use isopropyl alcohol and some sort of specially designed cleaning tool. As a rule, you shouldn’t be letting your wax leak passed the atomizer since it makes your CARTA Smart Rig much harder to clean. Keep things neat by sticking to smaller dabs which work much better with the CARTA design. Once your atomizer is clean, make sure it’s fully dry before you reinstall it. Also, don’t toss a hot atomizer into a cool glass of isopropyl alcohol or you’ll likely damage it through thermal shock. 

4) How Do I Connect My CARTA to the App? 

One of the coolest features of CARTA is its app which you can use to adjust temperature within a single degree. To connect your CARTA Smart Rig to the app, you need to make sure your rig is powered on, then open the app on your phone. Don’t have the app? You can download the Focus V CARTA App here. When you open the app, you’ll be greeted by a prompt asking you to connect. Choose your CARTA Smart Rig from the dropdown list that populates with all of the Bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity. 

5) How Do I Get the Best Hit from My CARTA? 

CARTA Smart Rig may be your first experience with a portable dab rig and, as you probably know, different rigs hit differently. So how can you make sure that you’re getting the best hit off it? This will definitely be influenced by personal preference, but in our experience, the first thing that you’d do is pop in a quartz insert. Use the app to set the CARTA Smart Rig temperature to somewhere in the 700° to 720° range. With a small (or medium at the very most) dab loaded, take a long, slow pull. Since the CARTA has a smaller heating element, you want to be careful not to overload it or performance will suffer, and cleaning will be a much more painful experience. We prefer the slow, smooth pull since it keeps the outstanding flavors we love while also packing plenty of potency.


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