3 Ways to Celebrate Freedom with the CARTA Portable Dab Rig

3 Ways to Celebrate Freedom with the CARTA Portable Dab Rig

Chances are good that you’re already seeing fireworks every time you hit your CARTA portable dab rig, so bringing it along for the ride on the 4th of July may seem like overkill. But we also feel like we don’t have to do too much arm twisting to convince you that packing your CARTA for some festivities on the 4th will lead to an enhanced feeling of “liberty.” So, here are a few suggestions of how to infuse your Independence Day… the CARTA way.  

Firewerk It

We’ll just get the most obvious choice out of the way… bringing your CARTA along to watch the fireworks. From the tiniest towns to the full scale metropolises, America erupts on the 4th of July in fiery displays of vibrant color, celebrating our freedom in the most explosive way possible. It’s the American way. You’ll find no shortage of opportunities to see fireworks displays on the 4th, no matter where you find yourself in this sprawling country. Here in Los Angeles, the fireworks are actually inescapable with the whole city blooming into a garden of sparks and colored flame for the evening. We don’t need to spell out to you how your CARTA portable dab rig can make those colors pop and flare as bright as the paintjob one of our Laser models. But we’d recommend finding yourself a private perch to share the experience with friends since the fireworks displays are often launched from city-sanctioned areas that may not be too understanding of your freedom to puff (especially in states that continue to struggle with legalization). 

A Portable Dab Rig Gets You Closer to the Food

Depending on what you’re loading into your CARTA, you’ll probably be feeling hungry so we recommend going where you’ll know the food will be plentiful. Fortunately, the only thing more popular than potlucks on the 4th of July are the fireworks so you should have no problem… especially since last year’s 4th of July festivities were pretty much non-existent. Just be careful not to overdo it… and we’re not talking about relaxing too much on the summer bod. We mean double checking that your friends’ potluck offerings didn’t come out of a Magical Butter Machine. You see, there’s a point when you get so “free” that it starts to feel not free at all, like a not-so-fuzzy couchlock. And when you’re unwittingly wolfing down an infused banquet while still puffing on your CARTA, you’re probably dancing right on that edge. On the flip side, did you know that you can sprinkle the spent herb from your dry herb atomizer onto food for some light on-the-fly infusion? That’s pretty much how the appropriately named “Firecrackers” are made… and there’s no better moment for Firecrackers than a 4th of July potluck.

Sun, Sea… and the Occasional Cloud

July presents the perfect beach weather and you’ll find few better lead ups to the fireworks show than a little sand-and-surf. While it’s not a great idea to expose your CARTA to prolonged direct sunlight, you can keep it shaded and away from the sand in its carrying case while you soak up the rays. Suntanning feels downright cozy after a couple of well-timed CARTA puffs. We recommend the Helios for some Independence day suntanning… it is named after the Greek god of the sun after all! 

We Said Fireworks, Not Waterworks

This last one isn’t so much a suggestion as it is a potentially bad idea that may still be attractive enough for the riskier CARTA enthusiasts. Your CARTA portable dab rig and water don’t mix. But if you’re at a pool party, it’s hard to resist hitting that CARTA while languidly wading in there freshing pool with your friends. While there’s no problem enjoying your CARTA poolside, the chlorinated water can do real damage to your CARTA’s colorful veneer. In this case, it’s better to stay high and dry. So, while we won’t tell you what to do with your CARTA on the most liberated day of the year, we beg you: no Pool Party CARTA Challenge videos (though we admit, it would look hot AF to do some night swimming while firing up a Laser CARTA).  

Of course, you can use your own creative freedom to express your love for liberty in less obvious ways than those suggested above. With the CARTA portable dab rig, the only borders are the ones you choose. You could even do a freedom 180 and opt to do nothing at all but cuddle up with your fireworks-fearing pup in a noise-insulated, air conditioned area with your CARTA and stream some TV in peace. Ultimately, there’s nothing freer than determining your own freedom.