A 420 Holiday in Jamaica?

A 420 Holiday in Jamaica?

Land of the Rastafari and paradise on Earth for the 420 enthusiast, Jamaica is a perfect holiday island for those who want to just chill! As with everywhere in the world where cannabis is legal, you can't just bust up a fat cone and chill in the street, as the local police may have a word. Let's look at cannabis laws in Jamaica and then make some suggestions as to what you could do with your Focus V CARTA e-rig in your day pack.

Cannabis Laws in Jamaica Anyone over 18 can consume cannabis in Jamaica. Yes, that's younger than in any U.S. state where it is legal. You can also drink alcohol at 18 too, which is why you might find a few younger people getting a little over-excited on the rum cocktails! Two ounces of weed is a large amount to consume in a day, and that is the maximum you're allowed to possess at any one time. You can buy it at licensed dispensaries at a fair price. It should be noted that there is a large illicit trade in cannabis on the island, though the majority of the illegal stuff is for export. The climate is about as perfect for outdoor growing as you can get, so in your wanderings, you may run into a few gardens with nice herbs in them. Locals are allowed to grow it at home.

Don't smoke weed in a public place, or within 20 or so feet of a public place, as you could be fined 500 Jamaican Dollars. This is exactly the same law for cigarettes, so it's something to bear in mind if you like tobacco as well. A public place includes hotels, bars, restaurants, and government offices. As ever, discretion is advised —if you smell it somewhere and people are relaxed about it being used, don't be anxious and enjoy it yourself. 

Three 420-friendly Things to Do in Jamaica The cannabis culture of Jamaica runs so deep, it's even part of the sacraments of the island's most famous religion, Rastafarianism. Here are three suggestions for 420-friendly trips you can do while on the Caribbean island. 1. The Pelican Bar The Pelican Bar is unique, as it's a bar on stilts in the sea. It's shallow enough that you can walk the five meters required to enjoy your pure Jamaican variety weed and a rum cocktail. Access is by boat, and from Jake's Resort, it's just a 20-minute boat ride. Don't forget your CARTA e-rig! 2. Watch Cliff Diving at Rick's Cafe Rick's Cafe in Negril is one of the best places to chill out and enjoy the sunset in Jamaica.

To add to the fun, locals and visitors alike love to dive off the 35-feet-high cliffs into the sea below. You may need a blast on a bustee before taking the leap yourself. Even if you're not in the mood to jump off a high cliff, it can be fun watching the experts and amateurs alike jumping with a rum cocktail in hand. 3. Visit Bob Marley's Home! In the parish of St Anne's, you will find the home of arguably the world's most famous Rastafari and reggae artist. This is an opportunity to see the real Jamaica close up and explore what made the great man tick. Enjoy the sweet-smelling air as you absorb yourself in the music and atmosphere. Don't Forget Your CARTA! Remember, your Focus V CARTA e-rig can be used for bud as well as concentrates, so you should bring it with you on any 420-friendly holiday. One of the machine's greatest assets is that it can give you the most flavorful hit, and when exploring the Jamaican varieties of cannabis, this can be a major asset.