Can You Bring Your CARTA On A Plane?

Can You Bring Your CARTA On A Plane?

We’ve written exhaustively about the unparalleled portability of the Focus V CARTA. Since it’s a portable dab rig supported by 18350 rechargeable batteries, you could feasibly invest in replacement batteries and go years without seeing a power outlet. In this way, we like to think of CARTA as the world’s most portable e-rig. And while scientifically your CARTA should be able to go anywhere on the planet, maybe even beyond (take note, Musk, Branson and Bezos), the laws of man may make it difficult to actually bring your CARTA everywhere.

Such laws are why we’re often asked about whether you can bring a CARTA, or any other e-rigs for that matter, on a plane. The short answer is: yes, you can totally bring a portable dab rig on a domestic flight. But we recommend reading the long answer below before packing your bags.

A Note About Domestic and International Travel

We should issue the disclaimer that the information in this blog only pertains to the United States. You might be good on international travel between countries with like minded laws such as Canada, but other countries with stricter stances on this industry may enact harsh consequences for any device that could even hint at a violation of their regulations. We’ve heard of people being turned away at their destination for less and the last thing you want to do after a 13-hour flight is turn right back around and get on a plane home.

If you still want to risk it, at least take the time to familiarize yourself with your destination country’s laws to gauge your chances of bringing a portable dab rig through their airports. But what about U.S. states with a more conservative view on our industry? We recommend checking out the official site of the U.S. TSA to peruse any state-specific guidelines. While we can’t imagine you getting hung up for bringing your CARTA anywhere in the U.S., if the TSA passes you over to local law enforcement (which they’ve been known to do), all bets are off.

No Batteries in Your Checked Baggage

When flying in the domestic U.S., your Focus V CARTA likely won’t trigger as much scrutiny as your 18350 rechargeable batteries. Batteries must be packed into your carry-on luggage to reduce the potential for any fires in the cargo hold. If you mistakenly put your batteries in your checked baggage, you run the risk of having them confiscated and discarded… and that’s in a best case scenario. The worst case scenario would be arriving at your destination to find that your checked luggage is still detained at your point of origin. While we’d remove our batteries from our e-rigs prior to packing them and bring our e-rigs as well as our batteries in our carry-on luggage, we’ve heard of people packing their portable dab rigs in their checked baggage without incident. But most sources would agree that the batteries are really what the TSA are concerned about. Still, there are circumstances where an e-rig could raise suspicions and possibly a few nostrils from a local police dog.

The Cleaner the Portable Dab Rig, the Better

Due to federal laws and some states being stricter than others, residue in your Focus V CARTA can be a problem. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to give it a deep cleaning before bringing it on any flights. Some states could even try to pin possession charges on you for residue, so you’ll want to clean your e-rig until it’s in mint condition. With your isopropyl alcohol of at least 90% IPA and your trusty Focus V Dab Swabs or an equivalent cleaning tool, cover any inch where residual deposits could cling. You want your portable dab rig to be canine proof, so scrub it once, twice, three times if you have to. Make sure to remove the glass top of your e-rig and give the intake hole a lot of attention. Anywhere with even a hint of stickiness needs a thorough scrub. Carefully remove and disassemble your atomizer, swabbing it down with your dab swabs, paying special attention to any residue trapped in the threading. With the coil removed, pop it in a glass of 90% (or higher) iso to soak for a minimum of 90 minutes.

After the coil has finished it’s iso bath, rinse it with warm water and then let it air dry for a solid 24 hours. Then, it should be clear to reinstall into your portable dab rig. Make sure to burn it for a good 10 seconds to fry away any residual iso before use. Once you’re satisfied that there isn’t even a speck of residue clinging to your e-rig, you can remove the batteries to pack them into your carry-on and store your Focus V CARTA in your checked baggage or carry-on luggage as you see fit. That’s a long way of saying “Yes, you can bring your Focus V CARTA on the plane when flying domestically.” But the details will help you to make sure there are no pleasant surprises waiting for you at the destination terminal. The CARTA retains its title as the most portable dab rig on the planet! Did you really have any doubts?