Elevate Your CARTA with One of These Custom Carb Caps

Elevate Your CARTA with One of These Custom Carb Caps

The feeling of possessing a brand new CARTA kit is like no other. Each accessory that is included plays a huge role in how your device will operate. From quartz inserts to carb caps to the glass top that brings your device to life, each component is key for peak CARTA performance. Although the sleek supplements that come with your device assist the way you use your product, it is always nice to add a bit of flare to those accessories in order to complement the CARTA you possess. Most people find that personalizing their glass attachment brings more character to their machine, but a majority miss the opportunity to get their hands on an awesome carb cap. Today, we’re paying homage to some of our favorite carb cap designs, created by some of our ideal glass enthusiasts.

Take a Trip with a Carb Cap from Ryan Maddux a.k.a “Pi The Glassblower”

If you’re looking to match your CARTA with a trippy vibe, look no further. Ryan Maddux, a.k.a “Pi The Glassblower”, infuses psychedelic designs into his glass fixtures. Many of his pieces display hypnotizing patterns that are sure to draw your attention, but Maddux’s carb cap game is what attracts us the most. We recommend equipping your CARTA with The Glassblower’s “Bubble Spinner Caps”. These caps come in various styles, each one displaying its own unique mind-bending experience.

Using one of these carb caps will also allow you to have more airflow control and mobility when running your device. The Glassblower’s caps are very user friendly, with a design that fits perfectly for beginners. Dab Nation has comprehensive specialty sets that include Pi's carb caps available in store and on their website. For a closer look at what Pi The Glassblower has to offer, follow him on Instagram.

Zach Harrison Design Thinks Beyond the Cap

Zach Harrison, who we like to call the “creator and innovator of glass”, has continued to impress us with the various developments he has made around glass over the years. The products he creates are ahead of their time, exemplifying attachments that will have your CARTA doing tricks you never knew it could. Harrison’s innovative glass sculptures serve purpose while displaying a sleek design, leaving your CARTA one step ahead of the competition.

Aside from the insane glass attachments he has molded, Harrison’s carb cap accessories will have you getting the most out of your product. He’s even created a cap that brings a universal fit to all e-rig models allowing you airflow control like no other. If you are looking to get your hands on some resourceful glassware, be sure to tap in with Zach Harrison on Instagram.

Get Abducted by Spacewalk Glass

Spacewalk’s carb cap game will leave you feeling out of this world! Though not designed specifically for use with the CARTA e-rig, we’ve found that Spacewalk’s caps make an ideal fit. Their unique “joystick” design works great for all e-rig enthusiasts, especially if you’re an avid gamer. The construction of Spacewalk’s cap enhances the feeling of control you have with your device, giving you full command over your session. With it’s directional nozzle, you are able to easily push air into the places needed in order for you to get the best use out of your product. Some of Spacewalk’s latest joystick designs feature finger grips that are located at the top of each carb cap.

Detail Meets Aesthetic with Messy Glass

New England representative “Messy Glass” has a passion for glass blowing like no other. The intricate designs on each piece he creates are complemented by vibrant colorways. His attention to detail and color choice allow for his work to speak for itself. A few of our favorite Messy Glass caps include the ‘70s rainbow-like “Lined” fixtures, the ocean blue and white “Dichro” caps, and the intense red and white “Fume” line. Messy Glass carb caps provide an enticing experience that leaves your CARTA as the center of attention.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some unique Messy Glass designs, be sure to check out his work. Each carb cap design featured above can be found online. If you’d rather see these caps in person, take a trip down to your local shop to see if you are able to get your hands on one of these unique CARTA accessories.