Focus V Believes in Last Prisoner Project. Here’s Why You Should Too.

Focus V Believes in Last Prisoner Project. Here’s Why You Should Too.

When you got your CARTA, you may have noticed a logo on the packaging (distinguished by a broken green chain) for an organization called Last Prisoner Project. At Focus V, we strongly believe in the work being done by this non-profit advocacy group, recognizing that their vision and our principles were a natural fit. Today, we’re going to take a deeper look into the important work being done everyday by this organization and how we can help them as a community. 

Who is the Last Prisoner Project?

Founded in 2019 by cannabis icon Steve D’Angelo, the Last Prisoner Project is committed to fighting the archaic injustices of cannabis laws and policies that are no longer active, though their echoes continue to destroy lives. It’s bad enough that people were incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis “offenses”, but the fact that so many people continue to be incarcerated for laws that have since been overturned is nothing less than a travesty. We still have people serving ludicrously lengthy sentences for violations of laws that no longer exist (and shouldn’t have existed in the first place). People no different than yourself who simply sought a healthier means to medicate are serving more time than convicted rapists and murderers. So a passionate team of industry and community leaders, criminal and social justice advocates, policy and education experts, and drug policy reform crusaders allied to fight against this common enemy and bring these casualties of a broken system home to their families. The Last Prisoner Project stands unwaveringly on the blood-soaked battlefield of the “War on Drugs”; a war riddled with casualties and not a winner in sight. Yet, the volunteers at Last Prisoner Project continue to tirelessly pull civilians from the rubble.  

What’s Focus V’s Connection?

It’s easy to identify with these victims and feel that sense of horror. But the people behind Last Prisoner Project have recognized that we’re not powerless. Even without federal legalization, cannabis is one of the most powerful global industries. And Last Prisoner Project has put out the call for us to combine our efforts in an attempt to pull the lost members of our community from a fate that’s as senselessly brutal as it is unearned. Focus V heard that call loud and clear. This industry has been good to us to say the least. But before there was an industry, this was simply our lifestyle; our community. When we hear about the approximately 40,000 people stuck in a box of concrete and metal because of a paper thin ideology that’s already been crumpled and discarded, we feel the loss of kindred spirits. Focus V is honored to contribute to the Last Prisoner Project and our hearts are touched by regular updates of their wins as much as they hurt for those still chained to the shadows. Their logo is emblazoned on our packaging so we can help get the word out; to remind those of us enjoying our freedom to healthy medication or responsible recreation that those who came before us not only suffered for that freedom but continue to suffer. We don’t accept a world where our pioneers are put into chains and forgotten and we’re willing to bet that you don’t either. 

What Can You Do?

We believe this is a fight we’ll inevitably win. But it’s not just about the outcome. It’s about how quickly we can get there. That’s because every moment spent in this battle is a moment when over 40,000 people are suffering behind bars for “crimes” that are no longer even viewed as crimes by the organizations that established them in the first place! Every little bit pushes Last Prisoner Project closer to their goal and, by now, you’re probably wondering how you can join in. There are plenty of ways you can move a prisoner closer to freedom, no matter your current situation in life. Obviously, if you have the means, donations are an ideal way to show support. But, if you’re feeling like taking a more hands-on approach to activism and would rather donate your time, you can always volunteer your services to helping Last Prisoner Project. Short of both time and money? We’ve been there. But you can still help out in a big way by adding your name to petitions( aimed to get these nonviolent citizens back to their families where they belong. It only takes a few seconds! And, of course, spread the word to anyone who will listen. You’d be surprised at the power of word-of-mouth… especially when it builds some inertia.

Not everyone can say they get to do what they love for a living, so we never take that for granted. But gratitude isn’t enough when people are suffering for daring to seek the non-addictive medicine or healthy forms of recreation that provide us our livelihood.  At Focus V, we refuse to ignore the disparity between the good fortune we enjoy on a daily basis and the unjust fate to which others are tied. That’s why we’re proud to have the Last Prisoner Project logo emblazoned on our packaging. We take their mission and their message seriously. Please, educate yourself about these injustices that continue to haunt our community and do what you can to help. Together, we can bring these over 40,000 people home where they belong.