Glass Artists We Love: Check out Some of the Creative Artists Making Unique CARTA Glass

Glass Artists We Love: Check out Some of the Creative Artists Making Unique CARTA Glass

The type of CARTA you choose says a lot about you. Maybe you’re the type that needs the night life to light you up, like the Laser Edition CARTA line. Maybe you’re a regal ray of sunshine like our latest limited edition, the Helios CARTA. You could live on the edge of the final frontier; a space cadet with head in the clouds and a limited Nebula CARTA in your hand. Hey, you could even like to keep things simple and straightforward with the classic look of the original CARTA. But for many people, choosing your CARTA is just the beginning of expressing yourself. These connoisseurs of style go the full distance, seeking out unique works of glass art to crown their CARTA e-rig. Focus V CARTA custom glass attachment models have become a fascinating fixture of the scene, challenging artists to push their boundaries while working with CARTA as the canvas. We’ve been spreading the word on our Instagram about these artists who basically amount to glass benders with their raw talent. But today, we’re taking a closer look at some of our favorite CARTA glass attachments and, when possible, talking with the artists themselves to find out how they take liquid glass and turn it into solid genius.


Wrap Your Tentacles Around Some Boboo Glass

You’re supposed to wait a while before sending in the kraken, but here at Focus V, we do what we want. So, let’s get started with this gorgeous CARTA attachment from Boboo Glass that features a writhing tentacle from the demonic deep. This tendril of terror is punctuated with glass barbs, knobby marbles and suckers creating a nautical nightmare that hits like a dream. There’s a lot going on here so we let Boboo Glass break it down themselves. “This piece is a wigwag work handmade with cobalt blue, timber and UV with a gold inside fume,” they explained, giving us a glimpse into the creative process behind the devilishly detailed glass top. “Horns and teeth are glow-in-the-dark glass. Also have two opals with a skull stamp made custom for my big bro and supporter @cannaorganic.” Well, don’t let @cannaorganic have all the fun! If you want to hold a CARTA glass top that may just reach out and hold you back, get a custom order in with Boboo Glass!


Get Mesmerized By Padd Glass

There’s a distinct ergonomic grace to the CARTA glass attachments being created by Padd Glass.One of our favorite examples of Padd’s artistry features a hypnotic swirl launchpad of tight rusty orange and black line work with an elegantly dusky pivoted straight lined mouthpiece for cozy hits. Part of this CARTA attachment’s sophisticated look comes from the splash guard, brilliantly marrying fashion and function. Padd Glass admitted one of the most challenging aspects of creating this piece was “trying my best to match up line works and colors that contrast or compliment each other on a well-functioning rig!” Well, we can say you succeeded with flying colors, Padd! 


Grab the Foggy Mountain Glass by the Horns

We recently shared a full menagerie of Foggy Mountain Glass’s otherworldly CARTA attachments, ornamented with vibrantly colored glass marbles and magnificent sweeping borosilicate horns. But CARTA may not have been graced with Foggy Mountain’s designs had it not been for a little help from one of his friends. “I have had little experience with scientific glass before building these,” the artist admits. “A friend brought me a unit upon request to build a custom top. With the constant demand, I began putting my original design into production. The first few builds were a challenge but helped me to refine my skills quite a bit.” You can take advantage of Foggy Mountain Glass’s newly honed talents by picking up your own design through the artist’s Instagram. 


The Real Rich Brian Puts His Own Twist on CARTA Glass

Focus V is a colorful brand so it makes sense that we’re often drawn to colorful attachments. But @therealrichbrian managed to grab our attention without any color at all, presenting a uniquely designed perc reminiscent of a double helix in a feat of true glass artistry. “I came up with this style of perc almost by accident,” he admits. “I was just messing around trying to make a perc that looked different than the ones I’d seen and stumbled on this design and it functioned well.” You heard it here first: hits just as smooth as it looks. Visit the artist’s Instagram page to get your very own custom made happy accident!


Go Old School with Monty at Fluid Glass

Sometimes, you can’t beat the feel of a classic glass water pipe. So Monty at Fluid Glass decided to embrace that classic design instead, bringing the towering downstem of the old school pipes to the Focus V CARTA e-rig. Punctuated by a bright yellow glass perc, this towering totem of tokage seems like it couldn’t exist… but Monty has made the dream a reality! We sought a quote from the artist, but he preferred to let the work speak for itself. Want to add some height to your CARTA? Visit Fluid Glass’s Instagram!


A Unique View of Paradise from Mikey Willis Glass

Appearing like a tropical paradise filtered through an alien landscape, this bottle-style CARTA glass from @mikeywillisglass has a lot going on from its kaleidoscopic perc to its psychedelic worked glass extremities. “These one-of-a-kind pieces are created through a meticulous and customized process,” the artist explains, allowing us a rare window into the creative process. “By using calipers set to an exact millimeter measurement, I’m able to ensure an accurate fit to the CARTA. The dynamic colors are achieved through manipulating intense heat to produce the desired effect. The vibrant colors in this particular piece represent nature; evoking a range from earthy tones to deep flower hues. This design offers a heady feel at an affordable price point.” Affordable heady glass? Sign us up. 


OTG Brings the Glass… and the Metal 

If you’re looking for something a bit more metal for your CARTA, OTG Glass can definitely accommodate. One glance at the custom dragon or grim reaper CARTA glass carefully crafted by this artist should melt away any doubts. These are some of the heaviest heady glass CARTA attachments we’ve seen. True to the dragonslayer spirit, OTG Glass confesses that they “always enjoy a challenge.” In reference to these specific pieces, the undaunted artist continues, “Those pieces were requested by customers asking if it’s possible to make a grim reaper and a dragon head. My answer is: ‘Let’s do it.’” OTG Glass explains that the key to such stunning results relies on “how much detail I can put on the piece.” And when it comes to making CARTA glass, the artist holds a special spot, stating “I always enjoy making attachments for sure because they’re always one-of-a-kind.” Whether you want to face your own dragon or stare down death itself, your first stop should be the OTG Glass Instagram page.


Coast Down Memory Lane with Mitzel Glass

Nostalgia can be a heavy trip, so it's always nice to have your CARTA e-rig in hand when you take a walk down Memory Lane. Mitzel Glass totally understands the power of the past and has even managed to preserve some of that essence in a gorgeous CARTA glass piece that depicts ‘90s dino Yoshi, under glass but unrestrained by pixels. “I enjoy making glass that makes people smile and reminds them of their childhood,” the artist revealed. “The Trapped Yoshi series embodies that and I really enjoyed the challenge of fitting one with the CARTA.” And we enjoy the result! So, the next time you need to dive into a Warp Zone, head over to the Mitzel Glass Instagram to see what’s leveling up. 

Find the Right Balance with Mindblowing Glass

Sometimes simplicity speaks loud and clear… but not too much simplicity. Jason at Mindblowing Glass seems to have found the perfect balance with his CARTA glass that features a rainbow wrap punctuated by a single glass marble. This piece finds Jason at his most understated. He’s made a name for himself with magnetic cap pieces as well as octopus e-rig glass tops with serpentine glass tendrils, but we felt that this piece did such an artful job of being simple without being basic. Check out some of Jason’s more otherworldly pieces on his Instagram!

Dglass is an Artist Who Would Give You the World

If you want to hold the whole world in your hands (and your CARTA glass top), look no further than the creative work of Dglass. Similar to the old ship-in-the-bottle design, Dglass managed to squeeze a full planet, rings and all, into a CARTA crown. If this artist says they’d give you the world, you might want to believe them! This stellar example of craftsmanship is just one example of what you can expect from Dglass, so head over to their Instagram page to see what’s new!

With so much incredible CARTA glass being produced by some of the most creative minds in the industry, you should have no problem accentuating your e-rig with a glass top that exudes your personality. These were just a handful of our favorites, but we’re finding more everyday. Need some ideas for how to take your CARTA to the next level with a custom glass top? Follow our Instagram( where we regularly share the CARTA attachments that grab our attention from renowned and obscure artists alike!