How to Find Concentrate-Specific Heat Settings for Your Smart Rig

How to Find Concentrate-Specific Heat Settings for Your Smart Rig

Our Focus V customer care team is often asked about the best temperatures for consuming specific concentrate types with your smart rig. If you’re looking for a quick answer to this question, we’ll spare you the disappointment: this is one of those queries that doesn’t really have a simple, cut-and-dry answer. We can guide you to a great starting point, though you may still need to do a bit of experimenting to find the temperature that best fits your personal preference. But if you want to make that experimentation easier on yourself, you’ve come to the right blog. Today, we’re going to help you narrow down the best temperatures for consuming specific concentrate types with your Focus V CARTA electric dab rig. 

The Best Heat Range for Concentrates in General

Putting the smart rig aside for a moment, let’s get a general idea for vaping temperature thresholds for concentrates as a whole. Concentrates will always require higher temperatures for adequate consumption than what we’d use for dry herb. Anything below 315°F (157°C) will be too low to initiate true vaporization, giving way instead to lackluster clouds with weak flavor and potency. Low temperature vaporization is usually relegated to the range between 315°F (157°C) and 450°F (232°C), though even the top of this range will be on the low end for many CARTA users. This range is popularly referenced in low temperature dabbing, where concentrates are efficiently consumed without sacrificing delicate terpenes and flavor profiles. The range starting at 450°F (232°C) and going up through 600°F (316°C) would be considered the standard vaporization range for concentrates. With more emphasis being put on flavor over cloud production, we see trends skewing lower, but this is still a popular range for wax consumption. Going much higher comes at the price of flavor and lends a sharp harshness to hits. Still, some people even dab higher than 900°F (482°C); a heat that the average connoisseur would find disrespectful to the concentrates as well as the user’s throat. Yet, overall, we’re seeing more and more people coming around to the understanding that cooler temperatures lend to a more enjoyable sesh. 

Where to Start with the CARTA Smart Rig

As you likely already know, concentrates come in all manner of viscosities which can directly influence the level of heat required for efficient, flavorful consumption. When using an electric dab rig like the CARTA, we’d recommend taking a small amount of concentrate to start and adjusting your temperature to around 440°F (227°C) up to 500°F (260°C). From here, you can adjust up or down as necessary to best suit your personal tastes, though we can’t imagine finding much luck with flavor and potency below the 440°F (227°C) mark. Erring on the lower side of this temperature range is often the better choice with your smart rig since starting too high can burn off what’s enjoyable about your wax in the first place.

So, What About Different Types of Concentrates?  

As an additional point of guidance, we’ll remind you that denser concentrates require more heat to be adequately consumed. It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine that a thick slab of stubborn, sticky, crusty concentrate would require a higher temperature setting for efficient consumption than oily, runny types with lower viscosity. But no matter the type of concentrate you’re using, we’d still recommend you start somewhere in the range of 440°F (227°C) before adjusting to best suit your style. 

While we could draft up a precise chart showing you exactly what temperatures we prefer for certain types of concentrates, it would still be just a collection of suggestions based on our own styles. Tastes in dabbing are as diverse as tastes in food. The best we can do is give you that golden range of 440°F (227°C) to 500°F (260°C) to start your experimentation. But as a consolation, there are few experiments as enjoyable as those involving your CARTA smart rig.