The Best Dab Strains of 2022

The Best Dab Strains of 2022

There’s a seemingly endless number of cannabis strains available to enjoy today with new ones popping up with regularity. But while a number of strains have become stalwarts of concentrate making such as GG#4, Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, and OG Kush for example, newer offerings are beginning to take over as the most popular strains to dab. Here we’ll take a look at the best dab strains of 2022. 


GMO also known as Garlic Cookies or GMO Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid that's rapidly becoming a favorite amongst extractors and dabbers alike. This hugely potent cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg produces flowers with a massive resin count which makes it perfectly suited for extraction purposes. Don’t let the garlic esque aromatics fool you however, as this is a serious strong and flavorful strain. Just make sure you haven’t got anything else to do for the rest of the day.

Wedding Cake

This sweet and spicy strain is an indica leaning hybrid that’s strong and relaxing. Wedding Cakes’s lineage is somewhat contested, with some believing it to be a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints while others will say Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies are its true parents. Whatever the truth, Wedding Cake is a supremely good concentrate strain and one of the most popular amongst dabbers in 2022.

Consuming GMO solventless rosin using the CARTA 2.


Gelato is a balanced hybrid that produces fruity aromatics and a smooth and creamy sensation when dabbed. Phenotype #33 as it is known is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet and has earned the nickname Larry Bird after the famous basketball players jersey number. Gelato is a pungent and uplifting strain that produces fantastic cannabis concentrates, which is why it’s one of the best strains to dab this year.


Tangie is a sativa dominant strain and a modernized version of a 90s classic Tangerine Dream. 

As the name would suggest, this strain produces a citrus fruitiness but also a hoppy earthiness thanks to its California Orange and Skunk cross heritage. Tangie is a seriously uplifting and energetic strain that makes it perfect for daytime dabbing while on the go.


This indica dominant hybrid has become hugely popular amongst extractors and dabbers alike thanks to its heavy hitting high and resin busting nugs. Slurricane is a cross between Di-So-Dos and Purple Punch and you can expect an aroma of berries and cream to accompany its strong couch locking high, and is best suited for experienced users at the end of the day. 


Papaya is an indica dominant strain with a strong mango aroma and taste. This body hitting strain will have you relaxing for hours thanks to its strong Afghan indica heritage which makes it perfect for later in the day and its tropical fruit flavor makes for a delicious dab sesh. Papaya also works fantastically well for making cannabis concentrates which is why it has become so popular on the dab scene.

Papaya solventless rosin by Rosin Tech Labs

Blue Dream

This slight sativa leaning but on the whole balance hybrid has taken the cannabis world by storm in recent years. Blue Dream is a tremendously popular strain across the board in 2022 thanks to its hard hitting effects, flavorful aromatics, and equal parts head and body high. This strain has mysterious unknown origins but is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. It was popularized by the medical community at first but now sits high on the list of best cannabis strains.

That’s our rundown of the best dab strains 2022. Be sure to give these strains a try if you haven’t already, and look forward to what the next year brings.