Use CARTA to Make Your 420 Festivities Something Special

Use CARTA to Make Your 420 Festivities Something Special

Make Some New 420 Holiday Traditions with CARTA 

On Christmas, it’s common to find lovers locking lips beneath the mistletoe. For St. Patrick’s Day, travelers journey across the emerald hills to plant a smooch on the Blarney stone. New Year’s Eve promises that post-midnight pucker-up. And we probably shouldn’t let our minds wander too much about Valentine’s Day. Mary Jane has our hearts on 420, but who are we kissing? We may be a bit biased, but in our experience, there are few kisses sweeter than the one you get from your CARTA e-rig. That’s a great way to make every day feel like 420! But since a little CARTA mouth-to-mouth is pretty much a given, let’s think of some other ways you can celebrate this special April day the CARTA way.

A Little Seasonal Music

Whether you love or hate Christmas carols, you have to admit they set a mood. That’s why picking a special 420-friendly playlist to soundtrack your holiday can make all the difference. Tastes can be a bit different here with one man’s 6ix9ine being another’s Bob Marley, so it pays to take a bit of time and really curate something special. Don’t have time to whip up a 420 playlist? Don’t worry: the Focus V team has put together our very own selection of flavorful hits to go along with your… flavorful hits.

Give the Gift of CARTA

According to a Statista survey of U.S. residents conducted in 2015, Americans love Christmas. What makes Christmas so adored? Getting presents? Being together with family? We know it’s not that Mariah Carey song. But there are few highs in life greater (no, that’s not a challenge) than the one we feel when we’re giving to other people. If you’re feeling particularly touched by the “420 spirit” why not surprise that special sweetheart or your ride-or-die with their very own CARTA e-rig? You could even get them a glass top attachment as unique as your friendship. Okay, we know we’re still coming out of a pandemic and everyone may not be feeling flush with cash, but if you’ve still got some stimmy you need to burn, you can’t beat the gift of giving.

Spend Some Quality Time with Your CARTA

Of course, there’s also plenty to be said for self-love. The 420 holiday offers us the perfect opportunity to treat ourselves. And when we’re good to our CARTA, our CARTA is good to us. Maybe it’s time to give your CARTA a makeover with a new designer glass attachment like these beauties we have in stock from Hitman Glass. Or you could keep it simple by restocking on the essentials, like a new Everlast atomizer, some back-up batteries, or a fresh pack of inserts. Sometimes, just taking a bit of time to clean up your CARTA can make it feel like you’ve got a brand-new e-rig. If you want to shower your CARTA with TLC, maybe a pack of dab swabs, a little bit of iso and some undivided attention is all you need.

Catching Fire: The CARTA Games

You can still have a rager of a 420 without ever touching your wallet. Simply gather around your CARTA-carrying roommates (or safely social distanced friends) and immerse yourselves in a slightly modified take on beer pong. You can spice it up by putting notes under the cups that have CARTA-related challenges. If that sounds like too much work for a holiday, you can also have a surprise dab counter challenge where you all check your apps to see who has the highest count stored, then grace that person with a prize or punishment, depending on what kind of friend you are. You could repurpose a game of “Never Have I Ever” where the other players have to hit their CARTA if they can’t match the first player’s virtue. Pretty much any punishment-based game can get the CARTA treatment for a bit of communal 420 fun. Naturally, we need to caution you to enjoy your CARTA e-rigs responsibly, especially when any element of competition colors the events. That being said, get creative, stay safe, enjoy yourselves and “may the odds be ever in your favor.”

The True Meaning of 420

The best way to honor a holiday is by capturing the original spirit. But what is the true meaning of 420? It can be traced back to a California town in the early 1970s where a group of friends known as “Waldos” would meet by their school’s statue at 4:20 before proceeding to enjoy some of Mother Nature’s Finest. Chances are good that a holy pilgrimage to a high school in San Rafael, California wouldn’t be the most fulfilling way to spend your 420 holiday. So, how can you capture the true spirit of this unique holiday? The Waldos illustrated a communal bonding over a love of herbal refreshment at the heart of their ritual. And isn’t that the point of most holidays? A day that we set aside our worries and responsibilities to prioritize connecting with friends and loved ones over a shared ritual that brings us even closer? Maybe it doesn’t matter which traditions you start or which rituals you adopt as long as you’re surrounded by the people (and the plant) you love.

These are just a few suggestions to add something special to your 420 festivities. You could borrow even more from other holidays. Though we’re not quite sure what a 420 costume would look like, we have a pretty good idea what you’d find in a 420 egg hunt. No matter how you choose to celebrate, we hope you find time to spend it with those near and dear to you… and yes, we include your CARTA in that! May your 420 festivities keep you faded until 710!