When Was the Last Time You Swapped Out Your Dab Inserts and Atomizer?

When Was the Last Time You Swapped Out Your Dab Inserts and Atomizer?

We’re proud to call the Focus V CARTA one of the most convenient, potent portable dab rigs on the market. But keeping your CARTA’s hits crystal clear with flavorful, powerful plumes requires regular cleaning or maintenance. Those of us who honor our e-rigs with general upkeep will be treated to sesh after sesh with results as robust as the day we took our CARTA out of its box. But those who put off the deep cleans and regular swabbing will find the performance of their CARTA taking a hit. We’re here to remind you that this is an easily preventable problem! If you’re new to using CARTA (or just new to proper maintenance), you are probably wondering how often you should be swapping out your dab inserts and atomizers with replacements. You’ve come to the right place!

How Often Do You Need to Switch Out Your Dab Inserts? 

The titanium and quartz buckets, also referred to as dab inserts, give you a secure loading platform for your wax, keeping your atomizer clean, preventing waste and making cleaning and maintenance a lot easier. As with so many matters involving CARTA, the question of how often to change out your titanium or quartz insert will depend on your frequency of use. However, you should be changing your buckets out every week at most and every other week at least. When your buckets are changed out, they should be subjected to the same deep cleaning process you use for your other CARTA accessories. Of course, you should still be giving your inserts a thorough scrub down after every use. 

How to Switch Out Your Titanium or Quartz Insert

When you’re ready to swap out your buckets, you’ll find the process refreshingly simple. 

  • Step 1. Remove the atomizer from your CARTA base by unscrewing it counter-clockwise.

  • Step 2. Flip the atomizer upside down.

  • Step 3. Placing one hand against the atomizer lid to hold it in place, use the other hand to twist the body of the atomizer clockwise. 

  • Step 4. While continuing to hold the atomizer lid with one hand, use your other hand to remove your titanium or quartz insert from the atomizer. 

  • Step 5. Insert your fresh titanium or quartz bucket into the atomizer body.
  • Step 6. Reattach your atomizer body to your atomizer lid by twisting the body in a counter-clockwise motion until secure. 

  • Step 7. Flip your atomizer right side up before reattaching to your CARTA by twisting it clockwise. 

And that’s all there is to it! Follow these steps and you’ll always be able to count on top notch flavor and performance! 

How Often Do You Need to Switch Out Your Atomizer? 

The maintenance and replacement of your atomizer is often more of a hot topic on our customer service lines than questions about dab inserts, though atomizers are typically switched out less frequently. As with the buckets above, the frequency with which you swap out your CARTA’s atomizer will depend greatly on your frequency of use. However, most users will need to replace their CARTA atomizer every 3 to 6 months, though this is assuming you’ve kept up on all of your suggested cleaning and maintenance. Inefficient cleaning can dramatically shorten your atomizer’s lifespan so it pays to be vigilant with those cleaning responsibilities. We’re mostly talking about our Everlast atomizers with this timetable. You’ll find our dry herb atomizers to be a bit more resilient, lasting on average 6 months to a year. It’s possible to damage your dry herb atomizer severely enough to warrant a replacement before this time, but this is rare. 

How to Switch Out Your CARTA Atomizer

Ease of swapping out atomizers is all part of the CARTA’s intuitive design. However, here’s a step-by-step guide to make replacing your CARTA atomizer even simpler. 

  1. Remove your atomizer from the base by turning the atomizer cylinder counterclockwise until it detaches from the base.

  2. Put your used atomizer side and pull your replacement atomizer from its box. 

  3. Making sure to grip your replacement atomizer by its base (not the atomizer lid), screw the atomizer cylinder back into the CARTA base. 

It’s almost too simple for numbered directions! 

Regular replacement of your atomizers and titanium or quartz inserts will keep your CARTA’s hits crisp, clear, refreshing and bursting with terp flavor. And if you’re not into that, why do you have a CARTA in the first place? If you keep with this schedule, you can look forward to many years with a CARTA that feels like you just took it out of the box.