Focus V Dab Swabs keep your portable dab rigs clean
Focus V Dab Swabs 300ct

Focus V Dab Swabs 300ct

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The Smart Way to Clean a Smart Rig

We don’t need to tell you that a clean CARTA is a happy CARTA. Now, we’re making it easier than ever to keep your CARTA e-rig operating at its prime with the official Focus V Dab Swabs! These specially designed dab swabs use only the finest organic cotton so that you can reliably absorb the stickiest, most stubborn of wax residue, which you know is the bane of your atomizer. Each dab swab is finely crafted with a blunt tip on one side and a narrow, precision tip at the other, the perfect one-two punch for getting into every angle of your CARTA. A paper stick is both rugged and pliable, allowing your dab swab to bend and assimilate to the shape of your e-rig without breaking. These fully biodegradable and eco-friendly cotton swabs bypass added chemicals and fragrances to keep things natural and pristine. All of this and they’re still more affordable than pretty much any name brand alternative you’ll find. So keep your CARTA (and really any other glass) clean the easy way with Focus V Dab Swabs!

  • Top of the line organic cotton tipped swabs
  • Proprietary fibers absorb even the stickiest wax residue
  • Blunt tip on one side, precision tip on the other
  • Biodegradable and eco-conscious
  • Rugged, resilient paper stick for full control
  • No added chemicals or fragrance
  • Includes 300 dab swabs per pack

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