CARTA 2 - Bordeaux
CARTA 2 - Bordeaux
CARTA 2 - Bordeaux

CARTA 2 - Bordeaux

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Elevate your sesh ritual with the Bordeaux edition of the CARTA 2 Smart Rig. This isn't just a color – it's an attitude. The matte red sheen of the Bordeaux doesn't just capture attention; it owns it. Every hue, every curve is designed for the bold, the sophisticated, and those who stand out without even saying a word.

Bordeaux's Blend: Matte red finish meets 360° Intelli-Core® heat for perfect sessions.

Smart & Sleek: Seamless mobile app integration with real-time OLED screen feedback.

Elevate Ambiance: Bold customizable RGB LED light shows for spectacular sessions.

Stay Updated: OTA tech keeps your Bordeaux CARTA 2 on the cutting edge.

Bordeaux Kit Includes:

-CARTA 2 Bordeaux Edition Rig Intelli-Core® for Oil

-Intelli-Core® Cap & Sleeve Intelli-Core® Sleeve

-Signature Bordeaux Shoulder Carrying Bag

-Travel Silicone Stopper

-Dab Tool

-USB-C Cable

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