5 Strains for Dabbing

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5 Best Strains for Dabs


Cannabis Strains Are Good For Dabbing
Live your best life, relax, and look forward to better things. If you want to do something new and feel completely alive, dabbing is the way. Especially when it comes to using cannabis strains for dabbing.  It is not common knowledge but dabbing can have numerous benefits when done with clean and tested products. It has a swift onset and relaxing effects which can take away chronic pain and extreme nausea. Now accurately manufactured cannabis extracts put a very refined product in front of consumers which is also very easy going on the lungs. Had a bad day at work? Or fought with a friend? Use dabs and say goodbye to all kinds of stress.
5 Best Strains For Dabs
There is a whole lot of variety out there when it comes to cannabis strains but the best 5 are not hard to jot down
Northern lights
 It is a delightful indicia and is renowned for its potency
Another indicia-dominant hybrid that falls into the best 5 strains is blueberry, and it is legendary with its delicious flavors
White widow
A sativa dominant hybrid, it is well known for increasing one's motivation and creativity
Duban Poison
 Another sativa strain making the top 5 is Durban poison, it leads to a brilliant mind and a body high
Amnesia Haze
 Making the list is one more sativa-dominant hybrid called amnesia haze, it has long-lasting and heady effects.
Cannabis Brands That Have Dabs
As the world of cannabis dabs is ever-changing many brands are putting forward their products. Some of these brands are Viola extracts, Dirty Arm Farm, Heylo Cannabis, Emoji Extracts, or Rosin Tech Labs. These brands come up repeatedly when users are asked for their go-to brands for concentrates. It is all fun and games with fruits and veggies but the real fun is all in concentrates, they have a little more punch to them but it is one hell of a ride!

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