Bring Your Fav Portable Dab Rig to These Vacation Spots

Bring Your Fav Portable Dab Rig to These Vacation Spots

Where Will You Bring Your Favorite Portable Dab Rig Next? Check out these Portable Dab Rig-Friendly Spots for That CARTA Vacay! 
Bring Your Fav Portable Dab Rig to These Vacation Spots

With a planet-sized case of Cabin Fever hitting everyone extra hard, vaccines and the light at the end of the tunnel have us thinking about all the places we’d love to bring our CARTA. The beauty of having your own portable dab rig is being able to bring it with you for your adventures. Today, we’re giving you a quick rundown of some of our dream destinations within the U.S. for when dodging the corona-bug leaves you with the travel bug.

Psychedelic Times in Joshua Tree

It’s no coincidence that Focus V HQ is situated in Los Angeles; a sprawling mecca noted for its culture and relaxed attitude toward our favorite plant. But when the Focus V team needs to get away from the glitz, glamour and grime of the city, we often like to set our sites on Joshua Tree National Park. Located just a little over 3 hours outside the LA city limits, Joshua Tree lets you really spread out and feel the vast openness all around us; a pretty harsh contrast from the cacophonous claustrophobia of city life. You can rent a desert cabin where you and your CARTA portable dab rig can appreciate life on the edge of the Mojave Desert, take in some live psychedelic music at Pappy & Harriet’s (in non-pandemic times) and maybe even run into Kesha and Demi Lovato while summoning UFOs as part of a CE5 group. Okay, so maybe in Joshua Tree you’re never as alone as you think.

Joshua Tree

Feel Small in the Best Way Possible at Yosemite

Northern California’s Emerald Triangle is renowned for its high-quality herbal exports; often regarded as the finest in the country, if not the world. Our next stop won’t bring us quite that far north, but we might still be able to pick up some artisan wax to keep our CARTA happy as we explore Yosemite National Park, an area that really hits home the golden majesty that makes California such an iconic destination. Portable dab rigs love roughing it. It’s in their nature. So taking advantage of one of Yosemite’s lucky 13 campgrounds will be your ideal way to take in the looming redwoods and massive waterfalls that punctuate this pristine park. Some of those waterfalls tower over 1,000 feet but a well-timed hit from your CARTA can supersize them even more.  

Get Higher Than You’ve Ever Been at Chugach National Park

Alaska may not get the same kind of media attention as California and Colorado when it comes to legalization, but “the Last Frontier” is actually pretty liberal with its adult use laws. That will come in handy when you bring your portable dab rig along to Chugach National Park and Forest, one of the most pristine parks in all of North America. Look to your right and see verdant, lush forests, abundant with life. Just be careful how hard you hit that CARTA, because there are grizzlies in those woods! Turn your head 90 degrees and you’ll see the icy majesty of towering glaciers in frosty whites and pale blues. Rarely are we lucky enough to see this nexus point of two seemingly unrelated terrains. But if you really want to blow your mind, grab a ticket for the Alyeska Resort Aerial Tramway which transports you 2,300 feet in the air to see the point where glacier meets forest all in one panoramic view.

Chugach National Park

Learning with Lake Monsters at Lake Champlain

Skipping over to Vermont, one of the most recent states to legalize, we find the city of Burlington, sitting comfortably opposite Quebec on the shore of the storied Lake Champlain. You might turn up to this somewhat unassuming area, trusty CARTA in hand, and wonder why you were guided here. But Burlington is home to the ECHO Leahy Center for Lakea multimedia aquarium and science center perfect for those of us who find our curiosities piqued after a few hits from our CARTA. You may even catch sight of Champy, North America’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster. Champy hasn’t been since 2005, but maybe he’s just been waiting for the right portable dab rig to come along. Rumor has it lake monsters prefer CARTA! NOTE: You may want to leave the e-rig in the car or hotel since the aquarium and science center is usually swarmed with kids.

Lake Champlain

Urban Exploration in Detroit

While we’ve mainly focused on natural escapes to bring our CARTA, we recognize it’s not always about that. So, for our lovers of urban decay, we head to the ghost of a city that still has plenty of life if you know where to look: Detroit, Michigan. The hollowed-out husk of the Motor City has become a hot spot for cheap rent, great food like Detroit-style pizza, and another city with fairly lax laws regarding adult use. It also has some of the best music history in America, being the home of Motown. While these are all great reasons to visit Detroit on their own, it’s the urban exploration that calls to the more adventurous CARTA fans. Detroit has massive, monolithic factories abandoned to time; hulking husks with plenty of ghosts for the chasing. Crawling through concrete with a portable dab rig may not be everyone’s idea of a good time and it’s probably not the most legal idea on this list, but urban decay has amassed a significant cult following among intrepid explorers of cityscapes and deserves a place on this list to balance out all that beautiful nature.


Take in the Scenery of the Catskills

They took their time, but New York finally joined the legalization family, making the Empire State a CARTA-friendly vacation destination. Several members of the Focus V team call New York City home and recommend taking your favorite portable dab rig for a trip into the Catskills. This section of the Appalachian Mountains is noted for its scenic hiking trails, often providing breathtaking vistas of both forested valleys of undisturbed nature and the bustling cityscape via the palisades. The jaunt from the city to the Catskills winds through picturesque orchards and historic farmhouses. You could even take a quick trip over to Woodstock to pay tribute to 420 history. And, if things start to feel a bit too rustic, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump back to civilization.


Head to Colorado Springs for a Vacation That Rocks

There’s no way we could leave a trip to Colorado off our list. But while everyone heads to Denver (and you probably should hit the city up to stock up on some herbal refreshment), we actually recommend venturing off the beaten path to Colorado Springs. Here a few stealthy hits from your CARTA will help navigate you through the alien landscape of the Garden of the Gods, a public park with pastoral stretches of forest punctuated with hiking trails and jagged peaks of red rocks that earned the park its ethereal name. Colorado Springs is also home to Pike’s Peak, one of the highest points of the Rocky Mountains looking at a daunting 14,115 feet. If this is all a little too rocky for you, you can head back into town and partake of one of the numerous herbal social clubs that makes Colorado such a unique spot for the likeminded aficionado.

Colorado Springs Garden of Gods

It seems new states are legalizing all the time, meaning even more CARTA-friendly road trip destinations. The list above is by no means comprehensive; especially considering your CARTA will go anywhere you’re willing to go. However, we recommend aiming for areas with decriminalization or legalization laws in place – low risk and plenty of reward! Happy trails!