CARTA Trips: New Mexico

CARTA Trips: New Mexico

5 Places to Bring Your CARTA in New Mexico

Add New Mexico to the board! The Land of Enchantment finally passed its legalization efforts for adult use back in April. For smart rig enthusiasts, this means another place to explore with your portable electric dab rig. New Mexico is known to boast tons of scenic views that display breathtaking regions and wondrous land. This scenic state adopted the nickname, “The Land of Enchantment” in 1999, and we’re here to show why. 

Stay Toasty at Tent Rocks National Monument  

The Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks hold a unique shape in this funky mountain region. The teepee shaped land formed many years ago after a volcano erupted, leaving residue to construct its unusual look over time. The monument's intriguing figure makes for a matchless place to bring your e-rig. A hiking trail that splits two ways runs through the rocks so people can explore. A picnic with your CARTA is also welcomed at Tent Rocks, with plenty of tables, shelters, and toilets available at your leisure. 

Explore the Creepy Carlsbad Caverns 

CARTA enthusiasts now have the chance to bring their portable electric dab rig underground. The Carlsbad Caverns are located in the Guadalupe Mountains in southeastern New Mexico and hold about 120 caves that you can study throughout this subterranean culture. With a hiking bag on deck, you are able to get the best portability experience out of your smart rig while traveling into the unknown. 

Stay Dazed at White Sands National Monument 

Considered the largest gypsum dune field in the world, White Sands National Monument is definitely a sight to see. You and your smart rig may look like ants compared to the 275 mile long sand waves, but this euphoric setting is perfect for a peaceful CARTA sesh. You may even find some native species that have adapted to the sands over the years looking to join you. 

Space Out Under the Dark Skies 

New Mexico boasts a strong reputation of being one of the best states to experience stargazing. If you’re looking to enjoy your portable electric dab rig at night, then the New Mexico Dark Skies are where you need to be. There are six “International Dark Sky Parks” you could choose to visit in order to see some of the brightest stars known to the naked eye. The Andromeda Galaxy, the Great Nebula in Orion, and the Beehive Star Cluster can all be easily spotted under the Dark Skies. We recommend going to the Cosmic Campground Sanctuary to get the most out of your experience. 

Cold Start by the Blue Hole 

If you’re looking to beat the heat, we recommend you and your CARTA drop off in the city of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Santa Rosa is home to an 81-foot-deep natural artesian spring that remains at a constant temperature of 62 degrees year round. A temperature like this is ideal for scuba diving or cooling off on a hot day. Although your smart rig is portable, it is not waterproof. Since this is the case, we recommend enjoying your product outside of the water, then swimming with the fishes when finished. The clarity of the blue water is tempting and provides endless possibilities of underwater exploration. 

As you can see, New Mexico’s eclectic scenery cannot be beat. Although we only gave you our top 5 favorite places to visit, The Land of Enchantment offers many more astonishing sights. If you’re looking to explore further, be sure to also check out the Bisti Badlands, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Taos Gorge, and Brazos Cliffs. Guess it’s time to pack up your CARTA and start exploring!