Chromatix Focus V CARTA Accessories Bring Individuality to Community

Chromatix Focus V CARTA Accessories Bring Individuality to Community

Community has always been at the heart of our vision at Focus V. This may seem like it’s at odds with the idea of individuality, but we see community as a vast quiltwork of different colors, perspectives and experiences coming together to form the bigger picture. It’s in this spirit that we introduce Chromatix: a line of accessories designed specifically for the CARTA that allows you to personalize your smart rig with no limitations. Whether you want to emphasize certain features of your CARTA or just add some custom personality to your e-rig, Chromatix offers an easy and affordable way to do it with over 1.6 million possible unique combinations… and that’s just working off the classic CARTA model. When you start factoring in Laser Editions and limited models, the possibilities feel limitless. 

A New Take on Focus V CARTA Accessories

The Chromatix line of Focus V CARTA accessories revitalizes some of CARTA’s most popular accessories in brilliant colorways while also introducing a few completely new accessories. Among the new additions are a silicone glass stopper that fits atop the glass top designed to prevent splashback, a silicone bumper atomizer ring available in color for the first time ever, and backpacks for convenient portability of your smart rig and any other odds and ends. Chromatix also brings you some of your favorite accessories in vibrant colors, many for the first time ever. These include secure silicone carb cap tethers, glass bubble carb caps, atomizers, 2-tone glass tops with colored percs, and snug carrying cases. Chromatix not only provides you unrestrained customizability for your smart rig, but also allows you to replace pieces of your CARTA easier than ever before at an affordable price. 

The Boundless Potential of Color

Chromatix boasts 6 colorways for each of its accessories, allowing you to add color accents that match or contrast however you see fit. Now you can actually design your CARTA experience. You’llfind Chromatix accessories in red, green, orange, purple, blue and smoke (a shade of black). Love the color green? Commit to a full set of green accessories. More of a Halloween colors person? Accent your orange Laser Edition CARTA with some smoke accessories for that classic black-and-orange combo. Want Christmas all year round? Add some red and green Chromatix accessories to your limited edition Emerald CARTA. If you can imagine it, Chromatix can help you build it. 

How Individuality Breeds Community

Since introducing our very first limited edition model, Focus V has been moving toward honoring the individual and the community simultaneously. And though we are very proud of the limited edition models that we’ve released over the years, we also recognize this can promote a sense of exclusivity that may seem out of place with a community philosophy. We still believe limited models have their place, but it’s important to us that everybody in our community has the ability to express themselves without limitation. The Laser Editions, permanent fixtures of the Focus V product line, were a major step in that direction. But Chromatix takes a massive leap into this vision, allowing you a custom experience no matter your price point. With Chromatix, we invite you to build your CARTA experience without reservation and in so doing build the CARTA community with your raw, undiluted personality. Once you start using Chromatix Focus V CARTA accessories, the chances of you running into another CARTA like yours is slim to none but this individuality makes you a vital part of the CARTA community. 

The Chromatix line of Focus V CARTA accessories is now available, allowing you to create the CARTA you’ve only seen in dreams. And while over a million possible combinations should satisfy your creative itch, we’ll be adding even more vibrant accessories to the Chromatix line in the coming year. With Chromatix, Focus V has finally found the perfect way for you to immerse yourself in the community without losing yourself.