Finding the Perfect Carb Cap for Your Focus V CARTA

Finding the Perfect Carb Cap for Your Focus V CARTA

Obviously, we think the Focus V CARTA is something special. Therefore, it only makes sense that our special e-rig requires a special carb cap. Not just any old carb cap will do with a CARTA. Since your CARTA portable electric dab rig kit includes a carb cap, you know that you’re starting off with a cap that provides the perfect fit. But what if you want something with a little more customized flare? Or what if you bought a CARTA secondhand without the official kit accessories? It’s important to recognize that our e-rigs can be pretty particular about their carb caps, so today we’ll be discussing which carb caps you can expect to work with your CARTA. 

Why Won’t Every Carb Cap Work With a CARTA E-Rig? 

First, let’s understand why you can’t just pop any old carb cap on your CARTA e-rig and expect success. It really all comes down to the size of the atomizer. Just glancing at our atomizer, it may not look that radically different in size from your average quartz bucket. But the difference in size doesn’t have to be vast for a seal to be compromised. Thus, standard carb caps that you’d use with a classic dab rig setup likely won’t be compatible with a CARTA portable electric dab rig model. We’ve tried to circumvent issues with this by including an official Focus V carb cap as part of our CARTA kits, but as we’ve mentioned above, sometimes you just want something with a bit more of a custom feel. So, what can you do if you want to bring a bit more personality to your e-rig’s carb cap game? 

The Custom Option

Shortly after the introduction of the CARTA e-rig to the market, glass artists began trying their hands at all manner of unique, visually-inspiring CARTA-compatible accessories. Naturally, carb caps were a popular choice because they offered artists a relatively simple way to introduce their creativity to CARTA’s template. If you’re looking for vibrant carb caps with intricate glass decoration techniques, the artists at Messy Glass are sure to impress with their take on e-rig-specific caps. These bubble carb caps from Zach Harrison aren’t nearly as colorful but offer seamless functionality. Spacewalk Glass offer a wide variety of video game controller-inspired carb caps that aren’t directly designed for use with the Focus V CARTA but are a pretty decent fit. You’ll also find some very diverse and highly affordable options from iDab. And these are just a few examples. If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance an artist has created it so don’t be afraid to do a little hunting! 

Our Official Choice

But if you’re more concerned with functionality than using a carb cap as an extension of your personality, you can’t beat the official Focus V bubble carb cap. We engineered this bubble cap for a perfect seal with the atomizer lip, allowing for just the right pressure for utmost efficiency. The hallmark of the bubble carb cap is its pivoting efficiency, but when paired with the wrong kind of banger, you can experience a grating resistance that trips up your sense of control. Focus V’s bubble cap glides and pivots smoothly, so masterful airflow control is intuitive. Rounded out by a sleek, understated sophistication that complements any CARTA model, from Lasers to limited editions, our bubble carb cap is easily the most functionally satisfying solution to airflow control for your e-rig. 

While finding a carb cap that fits your CARTA portable electric dab rig can be a more restrictive experience than shopping for one that fits a classic quartz bucket, there’s not exactly a drought of options on the market. Whether you’re using the cap included with your kit, the official Focus V bubble carb cap, or a unique custom piece created by a glass artist, you’re bound to find options that fit your personality as snugly as they fit your e-rig.