Five 420 Friendly Things To Do In Montana

Five 420 Friendly Things To Do In Montana

On January 1, 2021 it will be legal to use, possess, and cultivate marijuana in Montana. MT is a state of wide-open spaces, lakes, and huge mountains — and yes, Yellowstone National Park, too! Bring along your Focus V Carta E-Rig and Dab Nation concentrates, and let's check out what 420-friendly things are there to do there.

1. A Weekend Summer Break at Big Sky

Big Sky is one of the best winter ski resorts in the Lower 48 — but it doesn’t just go to sleep when the snow melts. In summer, there are lots of reasons to hang out up there — sometimes quite literally by zip lining across the Gallatin River! Though zip lining might be a little too much after a dab, there are other things you can enjoy, like a 6.6-mile hike around the Beehive Basin Trail, which many say is one of the most beautiful hikes in the world with its mountain and lake views. Every summer, Music in the Mountains comes to Big Sky. This is a free music festival with lots of established and up and coming acts you can listen to, perhaps having a blast or two on your Carta dab as you get into the music.

2. VIP Jeep Safari of Yellowstone National Park

You can’t avoid Yellowstone National Park if you want to see what MT is really about. Why not do it in style on a VIP Jeep Safari? This 8-10 hour trip starting from Gardiner will take you to see the best geysers and lakes in Yellowstone with lots of opportunities to take in the views and absorb this stunning natural wonder. You'll also see Artist Point with its jaw-dropping view of a waterfall, the Mud Volcano, and the world-famous Old Faithful geyser. The best thing about this trip is that someone does all the driving and will show you the best that Yellowstone has to offer while you just relax and take it all in. Just keep in mind: using cannabis is illegal in national parks since it's federal land, so make sure to dab before you enter the park.

3. Visit a Gold Rush Ghost Town

MT was first discovered during the Gold Rush of the 1800s and early 1900s. Towns formed out of nowhere as people descended on an area when gold was discovered. Garnet was one of those, appearing for just 17 years between 1895 and 1912 before being abandoned. Garnet is far out in the sticks — if you don’t have a 4WD vehicle, it can be tricky getting there. But, when you do, you will find an almost perfectly preserved Gold Rush town that will show you what life would have been like for the gold prospectors of yesteryear. The Bureau of Land Management maintains it so it hasn’t been "Disneyfied" and turned into a caricature of its old self — this is a genuine preservation of an old town. With your dabber, you can take it all in and ponder the past and present — both the town as it was and the adventure getting there today.

4. A Day Hike at the Rimrocks

The Rimrocks are an awesome sandstone formation that overlook Billings, Montana's largest city. You can hang out and enjoy the nightlife of the city and then head up into the Rimrocks to explore the wilderness nearby. There are several parks around the Rimrocks, but the best one is Four Dances because it's well maintained and doesn’t get overrun with crowds. This has got to be one of the most 420-friendly places to visit in MT as you can just sit back and watch the world from high in the mountains with stunning views. There are a number of hikes of different grades to do, but with your dabber in hand, you may just want to bring a cooler and just chill for the day!

5. A Day on the Beach at Whitefish

The state is famous for its geysers, forests, mountains, and lakes. That means on a 420-friendly trip to MT, you shouldn’t miss a day at the beach! Whitefish has one of the best lakeside beaches in the state, and with its great amenities and awesome views is definitely worth a chilled afternoon hanging out. As well as relaxing on the sandy City Beach and enjoying the refreshments, there are water sports to do — you can rent a paddleboard and get a different perspective on the world from a hundred yards or so out.

A Laid Back Way to Enjoy Montana The Mountain State is one of those places that should be on every nature lover’s bucket list. Starting in January, that can be enhanced with some 420-related chilling as you go. Don’t forget to pack your Focus V Carta e-rig before you go!