How to Transform Your Portable Dab Rig with CARTA Vinyl Decals

How to Transform Your Portable Dab Rig with CARTA Vinyl Decals


We’re going to take a break from talking about the performance of the Focus V CARTA portable electric dab rig to discuss something we personally feel is just as important to the quality of an e-rig: style. CARTA isn’t the kind of dab rig that you leave on your coffee table… it’s one that you bring out on the town with you. Therefore, it needs to dress just as impeccably as you do. At first, you may think that there’s a somewhat limited selection of styles you can incorporate with the CARTA e-rig. We’ve got the standard model, our 5 vibrant colors from our laser collection and, if you’re lucky, we may have a limited edition model available when you’re shopping. But beyond these choices (or shelling out for a custom glass top), what can you do to make your CARTA fit your personal style like a glove? The answer is refreshingly simple: vinyl decals. 

What is a Vinyl Decal for a CARTA Portable Dab Rig? 

You’ve likely heard of vinyl wraps for cars. Much in the same way that these wraps can transform the look of a car, vinyl decals can completely reinvent the base of your CARTA portable dab rig. And you won’t even need to take out a loan! Vinyl decals for CARTA are one of the least expensive customization options for an e-rig you’ll find. Imagine a veneer of metallic iridescence, camouflage, animal print, or even a landscape resembling a Lisa Frank illustration...all of these are possible thanks to vinyl decals. They’re sometimes called wraps or skins and are available through a wide variety of shops and artists, perhaps most notably Dab Wraps

What to Expect from Your Vinyl Wrap

When you purchase a vinyl decal, it will come as a flat sheet marked up with indicators to help you recognize which panels should be applied to which sections of your CARTA base. Due to the distinctive design of the CARTA portable rig, you’ll find these vinyl skins have removable sections for the indicator lights and charging port which can also come in handy when trying to perfectly line up your skin with the base. These panels peel off like a sticker, but don’t begin to peel until you’re sure you’re ready to apply the wrap!

Best Practices for Applying Your Decal

It’s not exactly a setback, but you will need a steady hand when applying a vinyl decal to your e-rig base. Much like adding tint to a car window or a screen protector to your phone, you need to apply the decal evenly so it doesn’t look crooked or end up warped by trapped air bubbles. One way to help avoid this issue is to make sure your CARTA’s surface is completely clean and free from dust, wax, dirt and any other debris prior to applying the skin. The adhesive on vinyl wraps is intensely sticky, so you may only get one good chance at application. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time with it and give the task your undivided attention. Even a slightly crooked wrap is liable to result in a nagging annoyance. You can lightly apply heat to a vinyl decal by using a hair dryer if you need a little extra elasticity to ensure a snug fit. 

Further Considerations About Vinyl Skins

Besides the stylistic benefits of covering your CARTA in a skin, you’ll find the vinyl layer adds a degree of protection for your e-rig, shielding it from wax stains, water damage, and scratches. This protection is notable but minimal, meaning you don’t want to test the strength of your vinyl decal by dropping it off your desk or putting a blow torch to it. It’s a vinyl wrap, not a suit of armor! It’s also worth considering that your decal is forever. Once you’ve attached it to your e-rig, it’s not coming off, so you really want to choose a design to which you can commit. 

With such a wide variety of vinyl decals, customization has never been easier. But when you factor in the decent amount of vibrantly colored CARTA models for your wrap to match with or contrast against, the results start to feel tailored to your personality. Take some time to search out the one that speaks to you and create a CARTA design that’s truly your own!