Leave Room for the CARTA Smart Rig When Traveling Home for the Holidays

Leave Room for the CARTA Smart Rig When Traveling Home for the Holidays


We may be showing our bias a bit here but we strongly feel like the Focus V CARTA is the best portable dab rig to bring home for the holidays this season. Now, we recognize that’s a bold claim, especially given how many new models have joined the market, but we feel like we can back this up with some pretty strong evidence. And, yes, if you guessed it has something to do with the fact that CARTA is the only smart rig that runs on removable, rechargeable batteries, you’re right on the bull’s eye. So, take a break from packing that suitcase and we’ll tell you why you should leave room for CARTA.

The Conveniences of Big City Living

Focus V HQ is located on the outskirts of downtown LA so our team is used to big city living. Those of us who head home for the holidays often have to travel far away from the cosmopolitan setting of Los Angeles. It’s a strange transition from a daily life where people basically exist on top of other people to a rural environment with vast empty scenic roads, homes with actual yards (what’s an acre again?) and let’s not forget the underappreciated glory of parking lots. We love the big city, but there’s a reason why we call these little breaks “getting away from it all.” Yet in LA, we’re never far from a power source. And when a city block loses power, it’s typically not too long until it’s restored. We’re dialed into civilization. More remote areas don’t have it so easy. 

Disconnecting in Our Small Home Towns

The peace and quiet we enjoy when visiting family in smaller towns across the country comes from a more “remote” style of living. In these small towns, we’re not exactly far from reliable power sources. But if that power should get knocked out, restoration can take a bit longer than what you’d expect in one of America’s major cities. And what raises the occurrence of power outages? Snow storms. And while we’re not expecting any blizzards this December (though Hawaii of all places had a blizzard warning) we’d still only trust one smart rig for that extended trip home. That’s right… the one with the batteries. 

The Only Smart Rig That’s Blizzard-Proof

If you only have one pair of 18350 batteries, you might not recognize the advantage CARTA has over other smart rigs as your holiday travel buddy. But if you have at least one extra pair of 18350 batteries, a brief power outage shouldn’t faze you. That’s because batteries don’t actually need a power source except when it’s time to recharge. Hypothetically, you could wait out a months long blackout if you had a stockpile of 18350 batteries. So, when we travel home, we make sure to pack the only smart rig that’s blizzard-proof! Even if it’s a minimal risk, do you really want to take the chance of hours of candlelit Monopoly with the family without the possibility of a little wax refreshment? We didn’t think so. 

Christmas in Atlantis

While the reliability of battery power is our driving reason for CARTA being our preferred smart rig for holiday travel, we thought it was worth mentioning the limited edition FocusV Atlantis CARTA as a bonus for the fashion forward. The Atlantis may have gained its inspiration from the ocean depths, but it's metallic blue veneer and matching deep blue percolator, atomizer and carb cap really reflect the wintry aesthetic of the holiday season beautifully. Imagine touring a winter wonderland with your icy blue Atlantis and you can’t help but feel the spirit. 

If you’re going home for the holidays this year, make sure you arrive prepared. The CARTA smart rig offers the primary benefits of the other major e-rigs on the market but is the only one with the independence of battery power, making it our obvious choice for a holiday travel companion. Because who wants to spend their holidays tied to a power outlet?