Wax Vs. Dry Herb Atomizer: What are the Major Differences?

Wax Vs. Dry Herb Atomizer: What are the Major Differences?

The Focus V CARTA is an e-rig most often recognized for its use with oil, but it’s actually a dual use portable rig. That’s right; you can use it with your favorite dry herb as well as concentrates! Amazingly, this is all achieved through a simple changing of the atomizer; you're always just a few quick twists away from the switch. Few units on the market can match that versatility without sacrificing some performance, so this aspect of the CARTA is a true feat of ingenuity. At first glance, there isn’t much difference between CARTA’s wax atomizer and its separately sold dry herb atomizer. Yet, differences obviously exist and today we’ll be breaking those down. 

The Included Wax Atomizer

When you purchase your Focus V CARTA, whether it be a standard model, limited edition or Laser edition, you can count on a wax atomizer being included in the box. Because of this, it’s easy to think of the concentrate atomizer as CARTA's default heating solution. It screws onto the CARTA base simply and easily, meaning that when it eventually comes time to replace it, it’s not a hassle. The atomizer is large enough to accommodate a decent amount of concentrate without impacting the generally sleek design of the e-rig. When used along with the included carb cap, you can expect premium airflow lending to potent, flavorful pulls that truly capture the essence of your favorite wax. 

The Removable Lid of the Concentrate Atomizer

The wax atomizer is distinguished by a removable lid, allowing access to the inner chamber. Here, you can load one of the included titanium or quartz inserts. Inserts are often associated with cold start dabbing, but can also be used as a method of keeping your wax atomizer clean of oil. You’ll find that the inserts included with your CARTA fit easily into the accommodating chamber of the atomizer. 

The Dry Herb Atomizer for CARTA

Unlike the wax atomizer, CARTA’s dry herb atomizer is not included as part of CARTA’s e-rig kit, but rather sold separately at an affordable price. One of the first major differences you might notice about the dry herb atomizer is its static lid. While the wax atomizer requires a removable lid for loading inserts, the flower atomizer needs no such accessibility. 

Loading Your Flower Atomizer

You’ll also likely notice that, unlike the concentrate atomizer, the dry herb atomizer features a fine mesh screen that cradles the ground herb. This screen allows for optimal airflow while also shielding the atomizer from loose material. You can load a generous amount of ground material into the dry herb atomizer, but you don’t want to make the mistake of overloading. We’ve found it best to load enough that it just covers the screen from visibility. Loading beyond this amount can lead to uneven heating of the material. You should also be careful not to pack the material too tightly. This can lead to blocked airflow and unsatisfying pulls. Likewise, subjecting your plant material to too fine a grind can result in sub par airflow. A medium grind and loose packing that just covers the mesh screen lends to the best results in our experience. In the event that you are experiencing airflow issues despite following these guidelines, we recommend using your included dab tool to stir the plant material lightly. 

How the Grommet Ring Works

Upon purchase of the Focus V dry herb atomizer, you’ll notice an included rubber grommet ring. CARTA’s carb cap can be augmented with this ring to provide a tight seal when used with the dry herb atomizer. It’s just another way that we’ve ensured premium airflow when switching from oil to flower.  

Unique Benefits of the Focus V App

The free Focus V app also offers some unique benefits when used together with the dry herb atomizer. We recommend using the app to increase the duration of your heat cycle time to 2 minutes when using the flower atomizer. To save yourself the hassle of doing this every time you switch between atomizers, you can also use a handy feature of the app that allows you to save up to 5 cycle presets. Saving the 2-minute cycle time as one of your presets means that you can simply screw on the dry herb atomizer, select your preset and enjoy. 

Troubleshooting Your Pulls

As with the wax atomizer, make sure that your pulls on the dry herb atomizer are slow and soft so as not to inundate the atomizer with cool air. If you’re experiencing weak hits despite following the guidelines above, try waiting approximately 20 seconds between pulls to see if you notice any improvement. 

Some people are 710 loyalists who have no use for flower. But for those of you who like to switch things up or possibly even prefer herb in its original form, the CARTA dry herb atomizer provides that liberty at a nominal price. It also makes the perfect backup if you unexpectedly run out of wax (hey, it happens)! The Focus V CARTA is an e-rig that’s all about freedom and enjoying life without borders. The dry herb atomizer only reinforces this attitude, opening the door to the variety offered by flower while still leaving plenty of room for wax.